OP-mobiili and microG

asked 2019-06-26 17:55:47 +0300

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Bank application OP-mobiili tells me that there are no Google Play services in my Xperia XA2 (correct) and OP-mobiili won't work. However, it works. I just need to close the nagging message quite often.

I installed microG and Google Maps works fine. However, OP-mobiili does not work at all (it tries and does not start). After removing microG OP-mobiili again works (and claims it does not).

Is there anything I can do with limited Linux experience and close to none Sailfish knowledge?

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Try to reinstall OP-mobiili after you have installed microG

maslovalex ( 2019-06-26 19:15:40 +0300 )edit

I removed OP-mobiili and microG, then reinstalled microG Google Maps and OP-mobiili. Now Maps works and banking application works but complains about non-existing Google services.

It appears this is all I will get but then I wasn't really buying a perfect phone. Just good enough one, and now I have a phone without Apple Google and Microsoft. I think it is perfect time for some fishing :)

VeskuY ( 2019-06-26 21:56:52 +0300 )edit

I wonder what G services a banking app requires, and how much information bank forces to share with G.

potski ( 2019-06-27 18:39:12 +0300 )edit

For example, apps such as tapatalk and yandex.map require google services after launching. But I tap OK and there is nothing to happen: they work good. And BTW, there is no google services on my Jolla C :)

Asmir ( 2019-06-27 23:41:54 +0300 )edit

microG have same issues on an actual android. Make sure to have Fakestore and location installed.

I think their intent was to verify who is actually using the app as it asks for "Google service configuration data". https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/en/reports/15939/

Nerevareeeeeee ( 2019-06-28 00:33:39 +0300 )edit