asked 2019-07-09 11:45:29 +0300

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For a project that I'm currently working on, I need to be able to use QSerialPort. I can't see it anywhere in the SDK repositories, and it isn't found if I try to add it to my project file. I've spent quite a while trying to compile it from source, but there's a whole host of other issues there.

Is it possible to get a version of QSerialPort in the repos?

As an aside, I know that this is probably quite a rare use-case. My company is building embedded industrial devices, however, so we would like to use Sailfish if possible due to its strengths as compared to, say, Android.


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Have you tried the developer mailing list already? A lot more developers are available there.

Dylan Van Assche ( 2019-07-12 12:53:29 +0300 )edit