hard reset frozen XperiaX - needed when using L2TP VPN (crash)

asked 2019-07-12 21:44:46 +0300

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after (successfully) establishing a L2TP based VPN, my Xperia X freezes unrecoverable. Very seldom, UI auto-restarts and it's surviving another minute, sometimes it simply reboots, but most times the complete device is frozen (completely unresponsive to touch or key input and not answering LCP echo [network/L2TP tunnel keep-alive]). In this state, pressing the power key doesn't help. Removing battery isn't an option, unfortunately.

But pressing VolUP+Power for a view seconds is the true hard-reset for the Xperia X.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any documentation for L2TP in Sailfish 3/X, especially for the UI settings regarding IPsec SA-trace and "authentication file". Couldn't find any IKE/ESP activity during L2TP establishment... Wonder what the UI setting should be good for...

Thanks for any hints and fixing the crash (Hossa!

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