[bug] QML IconButton problems

asked 2019-07-18 23:00:54 +0200

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updated 2019-08-22 00:15:37 +0200

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There are problems with the qml IconButton:

PodQast - PlayDockedPanel (the panel on the bottom): The icon of the Podcast is somehow very highlighted with a dark ambience. With a light ambience the icons are nearly black. Pure Maps: All Icons are white on the main screen. The Icons can be seen on a light ambience.

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I think you should report it to app devs?

coderus ( 2019-07-19 00:42:59 +0200 )edit

Yes; this is not a bug in Sailfish OS. The app developers should keep up with ambience changes (I know I should pay more attention to light ambiences...)

Direc ( 2019-07-19 07:21:58 +0200 )edit

I am an app developer (podqast). And when I set an pure IconButton with no coloring stuff blabla and no overlaying tricks then I want to see an IconButton with the icon I choose without any opacity or blending stuff. Worked till now. @rinigius: what would you say (Pure Maps)???

cy8aer ( 2019-07-19 08:28:33 +0200 )edit

It is a bug of SFOS or a new "feature". In case of Pure Maps, the ambience does not fully determine coloring of all buttons. In map view, color of the buttons is set by the used map to ensure that it fits map color scheme and users expectations (no need to have white buttons if the map is dark). So, in Pure Maps, I follow whether a current ambience is light or dark and set the menu icons accordingly. At the same time, from knowing which map is used, the map buttons are using corresponding icons. As a result, application works as expected for SFOS < 3.1.x

Starting from 3.1.x, IconButton forces icon colors by recoloring them. Which means that I now have to opt out from this enforced scheme. One option, as I was told, is to use icon.color: undefined for IconButton. Alternative is to start forcing on Page level via palette.colorScheme: Theme.DarkOnLight. I haven't tested it so far since I am not sure whether it is backwards compatible (would work on SFOS 3.0.x series). Should probably check it out, though.

rinigus ( 2019-07-19 08:29:22 +0200 )edit

@cy8aer: I agree, this new feature is actually punishing apps that were taking care of the ambiences before. In my mind, it should be opt-in feature, not opt-out.

rinigus ( 2019-07-19 08:31:53 +0200 )edit