Messages app: XMPP messages not shown in bubbles

asked 2019-07-19 02:56:35 +0300

schmittlauch gravatar image

While looking for the new design features introduced in I discovered that SMS messages are displayed in colored bubbles, aligned to the left or right depending on who wrote them.
XMPP messages in contrast are just shown as unaligned lines of text without any background.

Is that intended? I find the bubbles rather pretty and suggest using them for XMPP messages as well.

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The message illustration overhaul was one of the most important steps into the right direction – cosmetic wise. The whole Jolla-ish style is eye-distracting and needlessly consumes brain cycles... Clear borders, colors and proportion matters. Also the tabs are 89 degree in the right direction; if they only wouldn't look like accidentally left over... Make some border, some distinct colored background – whatever. You can use any other CS layout before windows 10 era if you need inspiration – or look at android or iOS; everybody can operate these UIs – even those completely lacking spare synaptic resources while reading written text.

And reading here that only SMS got the overhaul, leaving the rest of the message apps's features in early alpha stage is distressing.

P.S.: And please make the keyboard background independent of the ambience-highlight-color! It's especially annoying since the light ambiences is available (and in use here of course, as long as sailfish runs on a (AM)OLED, where the power consumption advantage would compensate the readability disadvantage)


Sunny ( 2019-07-21 00:04:10 +0300 )edit