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[Bug][3.1.0 - 3.3.0][XA2] No audio in voice calls

asked 2019-07-19 12:52:11 +0300

Lepton gravatar image

updated 2020-05-12 21:29:52 +0300

Sebix gravatar image

Since the update to 3.1 I have no audio in voice calls in neither direction. The connection is established just fine, but I and the other person can't hear anything.

I have also tried the bottom speaker (which works fine anywhere else) and headphones, but there still no audio. Even the "Beep" sound when it's ringing on the other side isn't played.

The last time I successfully used this phone to call someone was with a headset. I thought it was somehow stuck in "Headset mode" but replugging the headset also doesn't work.

Any ideas? It seems I am the only with that problem.

Edit 2019-11-11: Happened again on XA2 dual sim (4113). Rebooting the phone fixed it.

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i cannot confirm, for me it works fine on the single sim xa2! which binary vendor blob version do you have?

manu ( 2019-07-19 13:03:11 +0300 )edit

it was somehow stuck in "Headset mode" but replugging the headset also doesn't work.

Completely stupid question, but: did you check if there isn't excessive dirt stuck in the phone jack? (like very gently cleaning it with a Q-tip) If there's lint stuck in there, that might cause the jack to detect a non-existing headset and "stick in headset mode".

Happens to all my phones (still bearing audio jacks).

DrYak ( 2019-07-19 13:57:30 +0300 )edit

The headphone jack works fine when playing music, it also switches instantly from bottom speaker to head phone when I plug them in.

Lepton ( 2019-07-19 16:09:06 +0300 )edit

Had this with some days ago. A reboot helped.

Yo ( 2019-07-19 16:15:15 +0300 )edit

Indeed that worked, but not the first time. Rebooting was the first thing I tried. Didn't work then, but worked now after your comment, so thanks :)

Lepton ( 2019-07-19 17:28:52 +0300 )edit

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answered 2020-05-22 14:00:03 +0300

MickyH gravatar image

Still having this issue with XA2(single SIM) and V3.3.0.16. Even a simple reboot did not help, but a reset (voice up + power buttons for some seconds untill phone vibrates multiple times) did the trick.

BTW: I never used bluethooh(headsets) with my phone. The phone is used for development, so a lot of wifi/cellular/flightmode transitions are made and lot of SSH connections and QT-Creator debug sessions are run.

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Hi MickyH, Might be light at the end of the tunnel ! But one question regarding your reset : If you do that will you loose al your data on your phone like whatsapp, firefox data pictures and so on or do just make it a normal phone again with which you can make normal phone calls ?

Frankie ( 2020-05-22 14:54:00 +0300 )edit

The volume uo + power button is not a reset but a cold (hard) boot.
All data and settings are not touched.
I have to do it every now and then as my XA2 just freees completely.

peterleinchen ( 2020-05-22 16:51:49 +0300 )edit

Danke schon, thanks for your reply, too bad it didn't solve the issue. Tried it several times, phone switched on and off, after doing this i had to switch it on again it didn't reboot itself after resetting . Hopefully next update wil solve the issue so don't have to rely on my ever working good old bulletproof Nokia's .

Frankie ( 2020-05-22 18:35:17 +0300 )edit

answered 2020-04-04 19:11:38 +0300

Sebix gravatar image

updated 2020-05-12 21:32:51 +0300

According to the release notes for 3.3.0 this issue is fixed:

Device specific notes


Xperia XA2

[...] Voice-missing issues during calls fixed

T.J.C: Issues reported by the community and fixed in this update



As the current pre-release seems to cause some trouble for some users, I did not yet upgrade to (long-term) test it. But there is hope :)

Update: It seems this issue is still not solved at least for some users.

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This seems to be the case. In early access version XA2 still stuck with "headphone mode".

kkarioja ( 2020-04-05 17:14:41 +0300 )edit

@kkarioja: please explain - what do you mean by "stuck with 'headphone mode'"?

Would you care running the following command and letting us know the outcome?

rpm -qa | grep "droid-"
jovirkku ( 2020-04-08 12:47:54 +0300 )edit

@jovirkku by headphone mode I mean that audio always works as if headphones were connected.

Output you requested is pasted below.

kkarioja ( 2020-04-08 18:12:39 +0300 )edit

Another one where it's still not fixed.

skanky ( 2020-06-04 20:46:48 +0300 )edit

I had the problem too recently. Reboot fixed it, but really annoying.

William ( 2020-06-07 15:18:52 +0300 )edit

answered 2020-06-06 18:08:22 +0300

skanky gravatar image

updated 2020-06-06 19:11:38 +0300

I realise that this isn't an answer, but I just want to check that Jolla are aware that this is still an issue with Comments don't have as much visibility as answers and this is still a pretty serious bug for some of us who don't have access to another phone.

EDIT: if Jolla are having issues reproducing this, I'm happy to spend some time running any diagnostics you want/need on my phone to help track the cause down on the unfixed phones.

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I hope they are! After all using the phone to make calls should be a basic need. I really hope this gets fixed. I already have completely reinstalled Sailfish X after my phone didnt allow me to make calls at all anymore, even after a few reboots and other attempts at fixing the problem. Just recently the problem showed up again, fortunately fixable by rebooting.

siggg ( 2020-06-17 08:38:46 +0300 )edit

answered 2020-07-30 19:50:45 +0300

Vesa.S gravatar image

I still have sometimes muted calls on XA2 dual sim (H4113) on version It randomically starts after reboot and is fixed after one of two reboots. If call is not muted on first call after reboot then it works until next reboot.

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answered 2020-04-27 10:56:52 +0300

jovirkku gravatar image

updated 2020-04-27 10:57:15 +0300

This issue, concerning XA2 products, should be fixed in Sailfish OS release

If you have a similar problem with Xperia 10, please report here: https://together.jolla.com/question/223732/bug33014-phone-calls-muted-at-both-ends-xperia-10-cant-make-calls/

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I have an XA2 dualSIM as my daily driver and I started having the problem after updating to

vattuvarg ( 2020-04-30 20:29:07 +0300 )edit

I can report the same. XA2 which worked normally before now mutes audio on calls on both ends when on After reboot call audio works, but the problem seems to randomly return.

kkarioja ( 2020-05-06 14:54:31 +0300 )edit

Still having the muted calls, randomly happening, on on XA2 Plus.

orangecat ( 2020-05-12 19:49:02 +0300 )edit

Had the same problem on XA2 yesterday. I use a bluetooth headset but it was not active at the time. And because someone was blaming the adroid related stuff. I do not even have android support installed.

sm-jolla ( 2020-05-13 11:24:21 +0300 )edit

Still get this issue with on a brand new install on an XA2 Ultra. A reboot will fix it for a time, but it always comes back. No bluetooth headset, but I do use wired headphones sometimes. I'll look and see if there's a pattern with their usage.

skanky ( 2020-06-04 20:46:00 +0300 )edit

answered 2019-07-21 14:49:14 +0300

I had the same issue. These steps worked for me:

  1. Reboot the phone two times
  2. accept an incoming voice call
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answered 2019-08-20 11:13:58 +0300

wosrediinanatour gravatar image

updated 2019-08-20 11:20:13 +0300

Today I had the same issue. Interesting facts: - I haven't used hadset in the hours before. - Phone calls didn't work, with and without headset. - Listen to Spotify worked! - Reboot helped (waited some seconds) - Maybe not related: After restart I sometimes have also problems with texting and/or subscriprion to mobile network.

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answered 2019-11-11 15:00:07 +0300

Kobold gravatar image

Same issue for a while as well, usually I have to reset my phone to make it work again. It's definitely not a headset problem, as reseting the phone does not remove anything from a headset port.

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Same issue here sometimes though it's working fine / solves itself ? @Kobold: Could you clarify please what kind of reset you exactly mean ? > like a full reset followed by a restore of your latest back up ?

Frankie ( 2019-11-21 23:33:51 +0300 )edit


Could you clarify please what kind of reset you exactly mean ? > like a full reset followed by a restore of your latest back up ?

could you please!

I'm running out of options to get this working...

Frankie ( 2020-01-28 21:18:53 +0300 )edit
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