[bug] bluetooth device asks for pin - no possibility to enter

asked 2019-07-22 21:01:50 +0300

cy8aer gravatar image

updated 2019-07-22 21:05:11 +0300 - I tried to pair my XA2 to a Venturi car bt->fm converter. This asks for a pin and I am not able to enter it. The device is paired but does not connect when the Venturi is restarted. It needs to be connected by hand.

With Jolla1 and JollaC there is a possibility to enter the pin and the device connects automatically when the Venturi is started.

I did not make a call via the Venturi (only audio tested) so there is no prove that it is possible. The device shows: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP - same as shown with the C

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