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I would like to propose a filter option to show only open-source apps in Jolla store (being them paid or free). After all those 'free' Android apps which collect all your data in background I think we should give users the ability to easily identify open-source apps right away from the very beginning before we run into similar issues.

As an example: If I want to find a password-store app, I would like to know it's open-source, so I can have a look at the code quality myself after testing and linking it. Otherwise I might end up with wasting time by trying out an app and finding it useful, just to notice at the end that it is proprietary.

Furthermore I would also propose that open-source apps have a link to its source in the description. (@mods: please feel free to split this second idea out of this request if you think it should be a separate topic)

Comments very welcome!

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In addition to such a filter I could also imagine that OS apps have a small Jolla/OS/something badge on their app icon in the listing. So even if you do not filter for "only OS", you still could easily distinguish between them.

codeboss ( 2014-01-29 19:19:29 +0300 )edit