my sailfish browser is getting stuck after 3.1.0 update

asked 2019-07-27 13:16:18 +0300

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updated 2019-07-27 17:25:42 +0300

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It never happened to me before, but after i updated to, sometimes the sailfish browser does not want to start up, even some apps that i installed from the openrepos via the command line (storeman is still broken), are getting the same behavior. In the past it only happened sometimes with the android apps, and i usually used the homescreen restart option from the utilities menu, but i am surprised that it's happening right now with the sailfish apps after the update to 3.1.0.

By the way, i am using sailfish 3.1.0 on Sony Xperia X

┬┐Anybody else has the same problem?

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I have exactly the same problem so I have to use android browser.

zv0r ( 2019-07-27 13:22:23 +0300 )edit