Notification sounds: "No sound" setting unintuitive

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  • On the sound selection screen: Reorder the items to make clear that "No sound" does not belong to "Select from music files".
  • On the notification sounds overview screen: Mark notifications that are muted as such.
  • On the clock screen: When an alarm is active, mark that with the current Ambience/sound settings there will be no sound when the alarm should be audible. (This should also be marked in the Clock's cover on home screen.)

(See the screenshots below for suggestions.)

Concerns: Settings, Ambiences, Clock, possibly Calendar

Reasons: Currently, it is quite easy to overlook that a notification sound is muted:

  • On sound selection screen, there is on top of the list the current notification sound clip -- and no indication, that it could be switched off by "No sound", which is located between "Select from music files" and the list of original Jolla sounds, i.e. it seems that this does not relate to the current (e.g. ring)tone.
  • On the notification sounds overview screen, it is easy to overlook the text "no sound" between all the other texts. I.e. there is no sufficient indication, when a sound is muted. (By showing the no-sound-icon you could even note the sound allocated to that notification type.)
  • On the Clock screen, there is no indication at all, when the alarm sound is muted due to current Ambience/sound settings.

Sounds muted: Make situation clear

PS: I already missed calls because by chance the notification sound had been muted and I could not figure out immediately why.

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Well-written feature-request, completely agree on this, the sound settings should be streamlined ;)

foss4ever ( 2014-01-30 03:47:26 +0300 )edit