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[] [XA2] Not able to attach fotos, videos and documents in Threema

asked 2019-08-12 09:35:40 +0300

Raymaen gravatar image

updated 2019-11-27 16:58:07 +0300

jiit gravatar image

In Threema 4.1 I am not able to attach fotos, videos and documens or other stuff. That is since It says there is no compatible app for that. so Im not able to send stuff from Galery app, no contacts from people app. or even use the system camera. when choosing from attachable options.

is this a known issue with the file system and the rights of android apps since the update?

I have the XA2 single sim. no matter if it is connected to wifi or mobile data.

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3 Answers

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answered 2019-08-13 17:08:32 +0300

WKm gravatar image

As workaround I installed an Android File Explorer, in my case ES File Explorer, too. In File Explorer I can now share a file or picture with Threema. Threema pops up and you can now choose the recipient.

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Thanks. that worked but it is competely rediculous to use threema like that... jolla should fix this... my brain is exploding with all the workarounds... 3.1 is stil beta and stil not usable...

Raymaen ( 2019-08-13 21:01:06 +0300 )edit

answered 2019-08-14 20:24:15 +0300

lkraav gravatar image

I was also not able to add attachments in Aqua Mail, and searched for open source file managers. came up and seems to work well.

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answered 2019-10-03 10:46:20 +0300

WT.Sane gravatar image

I had the same problem and a friend suggested a simple solution: If Threema says that it cannot find a suitable app - give it one.

I actually installed two: Simple File Manager and Simple Gallery Pro by simple mobile apps. Both can be found in the fdroid store. Others should work as well.

Works in Threema and Telegram.

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