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In desire to get SDK in use and not wanting to "pollute"(*) my current dev machines with VirtualBox (and now replacing docker with podman everywhere) I've played getting sailfish sdk (build engine) to work in (rootless) podman container.

(and before continuing, thanks (once more) for CODeRUS for his docker-sailfishos-buildengine repo -- without that things would have been much harder)

Current state looks promising, could create sailfish silica component gallery RPMS using it.

Look https://github.com/domo141/podman-images-sailfish-sdk for the code ...!

... and documentation, it is all described there, so after exhaustive release engineering I don't have to explain here all again :D

One important thing to notice: inside running rootless (podman) container the UID outside is id=0 (root) -- that simplifies things quite a lot in container development, but makes things harder when e.g. running things as root is deprecated ;/

I've tried this in Fedora 30 (many machines), worked pretty much out-of-the-box (with subuids/subgids I spent some moments) and in Ubuntu 16.04 (one (slow) machine) -- there getting guestfish(1) to work required some chmods to be executed (e.g. kernel)). Also in Ubuntu I did not have fuse-overlayfs so starting container took quite a bit of time (I guess w/ vfs storage backend it has to copy the fs image...). I just read somewhere that in Ubuntu (non-fuse) overlayfs can be used by ordinary users but I guess (again) that there would be some adjustments still required.

I hope users find this interesting, useful, and probably gives ideas for future enchangements (in every SDK environment).

More later when I remember -- now sleep...

(*) VirtualBox is great software, but too intrusive to be used in every machine (clean reinstall to remove).

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