Brave browser no longer blocking ads

asked 2019-08-22 16:59:35 +0300

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I have been using the Brave browser on my Xperia X for a while now, but after upgrading from 1.1.2 to 1.2.0 I notice that it isn't blocking ads any longer, even though the shields are up. I have made the precautionary assumption that tracker blocking might have broken too, and for the time being switched back to Firefox with ad-blocking and anti-tracking plugins.

I have tried version 1.2.0 out on a genuine Android device, and ad blocking is working there, so it must have something to do with the Android support on Sailfish X. It could be the absence of Google Play Services (in which case the XA2 would also show the same), or the fact that the Xperia X only has support for Android version 4.4.4. Or something else entirely...

If there are any other users of Brave on SFOX out there, have you found the same, or is it just me?

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Did you raise an issue on their Github page? They could help you and explain what is wrong. Considering that the new version has come out quote recently, it could some kind of bug.

onehundredpercentdruken ( 2019-08-22 20:08:16 +0300 )edit

It would help if someone could try it on an XA2 first, so that we know if the problem is the outdated Android app support on the X or not. If it is something to do with the lack of Google Play services, then I would no longer be interested. An app that relies on Google APIs to protect users' privacy sounds like an oxymoron to me.

pakman ( 2019-08-22 21:43:46 +0300 )edit

You may be interested in blocking ads via hosts file (e.g. using defender from openrepos)

bomo ( 2019-08-23 07:14:36 +0300 )edit