Battery Life XA2 Dual Sim (H4113) Seitseminen

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Just wanted to show these things since nobody else seems to do anything. These bugs have existed since the release of Sailfish X beta for XA2 Dual Sim and still exists in Seitseminen. If I use 4G the battery drain is ~25% for 8 hours (a nights sleep). I have worked around the problem by switching to prefer 3G which works semi ok. I can get 48+ hours worth of battery time if I don't use the phone at all.

I can witness the same drop in CPU usage when connecting a charger as in this thread

It does not matter if I have mobile data enabled. Just connecting to 4G and disabling mobile data over night yields the same result -25% battery charge.

The first image shows behaviour similar to the thread that is supposedly marked as fixed

image description

Second screenshots which are from before show different cpu usage after boot.

image description

image description

The last picture is from Sailfish X on Xperia X Using 4G network with mobile data disabled. It has incredible battery life. I wish this was fixed for XA2 Dual Sim as well.

image description

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I have not encountered the same problem as you. When my xa2 uses 4g, the battery consumption is 4% after one night. I hope that your problem can be resolved soon.

xbt123ufo ( 2019-08-22 17:40:41 +0300 )edit

As mentioned on the other thread, I get ~4-5%/hour drop on 4G and it doesn't matter if I use WiFi/BT/GPS or whatnots in addition. With 3G the battery drop is close to 1-2%/hour, even with the latest (3.1.) OS release.

raketti ( 2019-08-22 20:57:35 +0300 )edit

I have very similar behaviour on my XA2 dual sim. The battery consumption is noticeably bigger on 4G than on 3G. With latter I can manage easily three days, with 4G a bout a day and a half. Lately I've been using airplane mode during nights, this the battery lose 1-2 per cent overnight.

enwine ( 2019-08-23 21:01:26 +0300 )edit

Same behaviour also ob my XA2 dual sim. With 3G overnight takes 3-4% but with 4G about 40%. This problem has been from the start sailfish X on my phone

kastemato ( 2019-08-23 21:30:02 +0300 )edit

I am using the XA2 Dual SIM constantly in 4G without such problem

AkiBerlin ( 2019-08-23 23:27:44 +0300 )edit