Jolla 1 turns on but screen blank

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So my Jolla 1 was acting a bit weird (ambiances showed two different wallpapers in differen pages and accent colors were wrong) so I decided to do a factory reset. First I did a reset from the settings menu but when it was done it hadn't actually done the factory reset. Most settings were set to default and my apps folders had disappeared but all the apps were still there and OS version was the same. After that I did the reser from recovery mode. It worked. I was just going to start updating the system to recent version when the phone froze. I waited and waited but nothing happened so I just decided to reboot the device. When it booted after the Jolla logo the screen was blank. I can see the notificatin led reacting when I connect and disconnect the charger and when I turn the device off. Trying the factory reset again doesn't work. Gives output:

ALL DATA WILL BE ERASED! Clears everything from the device and reverts the 
software back to factory state. This means LOSING EVERYTHING you have added to 
the device (e.g. updates, apps, accounts, contacts, photos and other media). 
Are you really SURE? [y/N] y[CLEANUP] Starting cleanup!
[CLEANUP] Umounting top volume...
[CLEANUP] Deleting /mnt
[CLEANUP] Cleanup done.
Mounting /dev/mmcblk0p28 on /mnt
sh: unlock: unknown operand

Type your devicelock code and press [ENTER] key: (please note that the typed numbers won't be shown for security reasons) [OK] Code accepted. sh: unlock: unknown operand sh: shell: unknown operand [ERROR] Flashed recovery image is too old and does not support phone clearing. [CLEANUP] Starting cleanup! [CLEANUP] Umounting top volume... [CLEANUP] Umounting /mnt [CLEANUP] Deleting /mnt [CLEANUP] Cleanup done. Connection closed by foreign host.

Is there any other option left than sending phone to Jolla for flashing?

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