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A new article around the financial situation of Jolla is recently published.

Translated to English:

Jolla has forgiven millions of debts - expecting returns from Russia

Jolla expects better times in Kauppalehti's interview.

Founded by former Nokia employees in 2011, the mobile company Jolla achieved revenue of EUR 2.26 million last year, but posted an operating loss of almost EUR 5 million. Despite the tough financial situation, CEO Sami Pienimäki is confident, says Kauppalehti.

The company has received EUR 2.3 million in debt from Business Finland. Originally a fixture in hardware manufacturing, the company has since focused on promoting its Sailfish mobile platform and has become a complete software company.

Last year, Russian telecommunications company Rostelecom acquired a stake in Jolla, which Pienimäki has been expecting significant benefits from. Earn money on every Sailfish powered device sold.

As customer volumes turn into 6-digit numbers, the result bounces, hundreds of thousands start to get a big revenue stream, Pienimäki told IS Digitoday in December. Read more: Jolla bound her destiny to Russia - "Jolla stays Finnish" Now Pienimäki estimates to Kauppalehti that Sailfish has a strong position in Russia. The company is helped by a EUR 1.5 million loan from Russian Votron. However, the future of Jolla's business relies on license revenues, and according to the CEO, it is appropriate to expect royalty cash flow this year.

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Wen we compare the financial situation of Jolla with that of Uber, I just want to laugh ! So we have just a solution : buy an XA2 and buy a license ;-) Even if sailfish os still has progress to make !

mips_tux ( 2019-09-14 16:40:50 +0300 )edit

actually the translation is missing the part that jobs were lost, as well as the restructuring decided by business finland (ex tekes). hece it should be "it has been forgiven".

tortoisedoc ( 2019-09-14 20:28:58 +0300 )edit