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I own a Jolla Phone since about 4 years. While navigation is was a bit slow in the end, but I'm really proud of owning a phone that still is supported after 4 years! That is really nice!

Nevertheless I bought a "new" Xperia XA2. And I have to say: I'm really surprised of how well it is working! A thought it may be much more unstable and not so well like the Jolla Phone 1! But I think this is not true! While doing some test before flashing I determined that I never ever want to use android.

The install of SailfishOS is easy and resizing the lvm-partitions was working at the first try! But the main reason I'm surprised is the very nice performance of the new OS! Everything is going smooth and really fast! It is a charm.

  • Displaying maps is possible without waiting for the rendering of the current map!
  • I don't have to insert every number of WhatsApp contacts manual. I can insert them with one click! That's impressing!
  • I even can send emojis out of the box! :)

I'm a very proud owner of my new phone! Thank you!

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Especially, since the current update. Works really smooth and people / call app has much improved.

wosrediinanatour ( 2019-11-01 23:13:54 +0200 )edit