Asteroid OS support now possible?

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In this thread the possibility of a native asteroid OS client for SFOS was negated due to BLE limitations: In the release notes of SFOS 3.2.0 it was mentioned that BLE now was working, but no details were given on that topic. Does this mean that a realization of asteroid OS native client would be possible with the new version of SFOS?

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It's very confusing that the news are from 2018. Afaik the development work for Sailfish OS was put on ice. Also nothing from Asteroid OS has been seen in Twitter for a long time. Commonly if no watch UI in phone plus problems with bt connection ... nothing happens like with Galaxy Watch. Yes you can see time, count on steps plus follow some health apps. It's possible there might be some enthuastics left - " put where they are." Ref. Enrico Ferm. 😊

N9Sailfish ( 2019-11-06 16:29:45 +0300 )edit

Actually I had the impression that the number of supported devices did grow in the meantime, but I am not able to give qualified numbers about this because the support start for each device is not given on the web site.

Kekskopf ( 2019-11-07 15:20:15 +0300 )edit

@Kekskopf: "In the release notes of SFOS 3.2.0 it was mentioned that BLE now was working, but no details were given on that topic"

Quoting 3.2.0 release notes:
"Support for different types of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices added, i.e. pairing and connections from Sailfish do work. However, using the devices requires a BLE application which we do not have. Android apps are still lacking access to Sailfish Bluetooth service." - Other than for audio playback via headphones. @N9Sailfish: That ^ means that the Android app(s) of Galaxy Watch (and the like), installed on Sailfish OS devices, cannot communicate with those watches, unfortunately.

jovirkku ( 2019-11-07 15:46:07 +0300 )edit

@jovirkku: I do not entirely understand what that means. Would it be possible to code a native client for asteroid os which has access to all data transfer via bluetooth? In the past it seemed not to be possible, as claimed in the thread I linked above: "An official synchronization app for SailfishOS named Starfish has been written using libasteroid. However it is not in a usable state yet due to technical limitations in the current Bluetooth Low Energy stack of SailfishOS. This app requires security features of Bluetooth Low Energy that only work with a kernel patched with a backported Bluetooth subsystem. For this reason, the development of Starfish is now on hold. Jolla has been contacted about that issue. However, at this point, it is still unclear if and when Jolla will patch the Bluetooth Low Energy stack of their phone operating system. There is then no way to predict if/when Starfish will work for everyone."

Kekskopf ( 2019-11-07 16:24:41 +0300 )edit