Feature-request: Visual Voicemail

asked 2014-01-31 13:03:05 +0300

Tim Drub gravatar image

Not sure about the current status of the patent issues but Visual Voicemail was great when I had it on the iPhone and I missed it a lot on the N9.

So if the patent side would be safe, I'd love to see this feature.

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I was meaning to ask this as well, but have forgot about it (I don't use voice mail regularly, but when I do I miss this feature).

Mohjive ( 2014-01-31 13:16:02 +0300 )edit

Visual Voicemail is a must as far as I am concerned, dialing and using the voice guided menus is just a terrible experience.

tangolimatech ( 2014-07-16 20:25:44 +0300 )edit

Maybe I can give you a slight hint for a workaround:


Still I wish our future SailfishOS does this natively like any mature OS out there...

MoritzJT ( 2015-09-16 03:55:17 +0300 )edit

I received an SMS in early November stating that T-Mobile USA will be upgrading their visual voicemail API in the near future and to please download a new IOS or Android app to avoid service interruptions. Ahem.

I am currently using J2ME software on a Symbian phone (no Sailfish yet) and am curious if anybody's found a visual voicemail workaround for Sailfish? Per the link above, parsing an SMS and downloading a file from a mailbox, then offering a simple GUI interface doesn't seem terribly hard. But I wonder if there is much back-end variation among carriers? Any further insights?

tao101 ( 2018-11-26 22:21:48 +0300 )edit