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Caldav setup fails while "Getting calendar details" [SOLVED] [answered]

asked 2019-11-12 21:51:19 +0300

Vista gravatar image

updated 2019-11-13 16:42:33 +0300

im having trouble with setting up caldav.

i host my own caldav server and on this server i have 2 accounts
there where no trouble until i moved my server to a new host
1 account works normal
the other stuck while it says "Getting calendar details"
and after a minute or so it says "Oops, problem with account creation"

it works fine on my pc with Thunderbird (on Linux and Windows)

if i disable caldav and only use carddav it does go through
so there must be a problem while reviving data for the calendar
but i cant find the log file for the caldav account

it doesn't make a difference if i try to add the working account first or the not working account first

device info:
Phone: jolla1
OS: 3.2

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2 Answers

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answered 2019-11-13 16:42:12 +0300

Vista gravatar image

i got i working after changing the password

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answered 2019-12-27 21:52:39 +0300

ol2tmx gravatar image

updated 2019-12-27 22:13:48 +0300

It's the same issue with the official SFOS calendar after synchronized from Nextcloud via caldav+carddav:

Native calendar app via caldav + carddav account contacts have been synchronized contact birthdays are shown in the calendar events are not shown in the SFOS calendar

Alien Dalvik Contacts and Calendar DavX5 synchronizing is working (no errors) no calendar items have been synchronized (acalendar app) no contact items have been synchronized (official "Google" contacts app) just contact birthday items have been updated and shown in acalendar

Alien Dalvik: Manual entering without caldav / carddav sync official "Google" Contact app - items were unable to save them https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=batman.android.addressbook was able to save contact details but did not have access to the contacts shared layer.

There have not been any communication between the different apps to present contact details or calendar entries. It seems, this is an open issue which really need to be solved!!!

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