Phone app hangs on incoming calls

asked 2019-11-14 06:09:28 +0300

Elliott gravatar image

Lately (over the last 3 months or so) I've noticed that sometimes, particularly after the phone has been up (without rebooting) for a day or so, when there is an incoming call, the phone app will pop up, usually only partially (e.g. red and green pulley bars but no text) and then is unresponsive, so I can not actually answer the call. Sometimes it will recover in time to answer the call, but usually it just sits there and I miss the call. I can side-swipe and get to the normal screen with tiles, and re-select the phone app from there, but it will still not respond to finger input to use the pulley menus. Has anyone else experienced this? I had Phonehook installed for a while, so I uninstalled that to see if it was relevant but the behavior did not change.


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