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[Xperia 10]: Community reviews

asked 2019-11-22 12:00:23 +0300

Nekron gravatar image

REVIEW Sony Xperia 10 Sailfish X

Dear community,
this is a thread to collect user reviews from the new Sailfish X for Sony Xperia 10 devices. As there is a lot of discussion ongoing about form factor, usability and other stuff it would be greate to collect your experience here to give new and potential users a feeling what to expect.

So let's start with my subjective first impressions after salvation from Android 9 and joining Sailfish OS heaven. My review is based on OS version

Haptics and ergonomics

At a first glance you will notice that the device is about 1 cm taller than it's grandfather Xperia X. However the width and thickness are nearly the same. It might be some optical illusion but your first shocking impression is how much bigger the device is compared to X and XA2. Once you get used to the unique size of 21:9 you will appreciate the more screen estate e.g.:

  • Top menu can hold much more shortcuts without the need of a scrollbar
  • Web pages show more information
  • Native apps like Quickddit shows more topics

I very like it that the screen is not messed up as Android but gives you some room to relax your eyes. No complains about screen resolution, brightness and colour rendering. It's all fine for a middle class smartphone.

Holding the phone one handed is working very well as it's slender haptics support this.

Compared to XA2 the device feels much lighter and personally it's my sweet spot for weight. XA2 was too fat and heavy holding it was cumbersome. The weight is equally to X.

The side mounted finterprint reader works very well and is much better than a backside reader like on the XA2. The device can lay on a table and you can easily unlock it with your thumbs.

Sonys build quality is as always excellence for the money you pay.

Sailfish OS differences to previous Xperia devices

About the Sailfish OS there are some minor differences between the previous OS device specific release and this.

What I noticed so far:

  • HALL sensor for magnetic flip cover is not working (yet)
  • fingerprint sensor is always on but you need to touch the sensor twice to wakeup and unlock the device (I'm wondering why the second scan is needed here)
  • Bokeh camera on the backside is unused
  • there is no differentiation between home partition LUKS encryption numeric lock code and screen lock code (they are the same. This is convenient, but security wise arguable.)
  • Act dead mode charging requests for device unlock code and does not show charging percentage state nor turns off device unlock screen display after some timeout (the display stays turned on and consumes power while charging)

Sony bootloader specific changes (non SailfishOS releated):

  • Device unlocked bootloader screen is displayed a bit shorter at startup compaed to XA2 and X
  • Sony finally shows a black screen with the Sony logo instead of the eye flashing white screen with black logo
  • a short push on the on/off button starts the device (X/XA2 needs to hold the on/off button for a longer press)


The Sony Xperia 10 with Sailfish OS is a good choice as a replacement for either of the previous Sailfish X devices. You first have to get used to the slightly taller screen but will enjoy the more screen estate real quickly. I personally will migrate from Sony Xperia X to Sony Xperia 10 as my daily driver.

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Thanks for the review. How about the camera (photos, videos)? In particular noise in pictures, and low-light scenarios?

orangecat ( 2019-11-22 12:31:39 +0300 )edit

if the buttons in top menu haf a better size there also could be taken more. bit thanks for the review.

NuklearFart ( 2019-11-22 12:44:28 +0300 )edit

Could post the partition layout ? Basically just running lsblk and pasting the output here would be fine. :)

I am asking for this because on past devices, the rootfs and home size split was very subotimal, mainly due to keeping the original Android partition layout. Now with encryption support the partition layout is reportedly being changed, so I wonder if these issues have been rectified. and if they are not, I guess it could be even harder to fix them now if encryption is in play. :) Thanks in advance! :)

MartinK ( 2019-11-22 13:01:10 +0300 )edit

@MartinK: Here are the relevant mountpoints:
|-mmcblk0p2 179:2 0 32M 0 part /mnt/vendor/persist |-mmcblk0p40 259:8 0 1M 0 part /vendor/bt_firmware |-mmcblk0p42 259:10 0 140M 0 part /vendor/firmware_mnt |-mmcblk0p44 259:12 0 16M 0 part /vendor/dsp |-mmcblk0p67 259:35 0 450M 0 part /odm |-mmcblk0p70 259:38 0 850M 0 part /opt |-mmcblk0p72 259:40 0 3.5G 0 part /fimage | |-sailfish-root 252:0 0 2.5G 0 lvm / | `-sailfish-home 252:1 0 45.4G 0 lvm | `-luks-39d38fb9-d2aa-489e-8c9c-9da479147229 252:2 0 45.4G 0 crypt /home `-mmcblk0p74 259:42 0 20M 0 part mmcblk0rpmb 179:32 0 16M 0 disk zram0 253:0 0 1G 0 disk [SWAP]

You get approx. 44 GB user space and 1,1 GB free system space. Encryption setup is optional on device installation but recommended if you want to protect your private data. However it would be interesting to known how the numeric pin is hashed to LUKS encryption key and how much CPU power it takes to brute force by iterating numbers.

Nekron ( 2019-11-22 13:16:42 +0300 )edit


Thanks for the layout, much appreciated! :)

Looking at the sizes, it looks like they still do the same mistake of making the root partition too small - 1.1 GB free on root by default is much much too little, given that all native applications will be installed there (yet another hurdle for native app authors - people not actually having free space to install their apps!).

Advanced native applications, such as OSM Scout Server + Pure Maps might require 60-100 MB or space to install, which is ~10% of available space after clean installation. And successful updates might require ~400 MB of free space or even more. Having this small rootfs is really insane! :P Especially, given that home already has 44 GB. It would really not hurt Jolla to give an extra 4 GB to rootfs in this case, users will hardly notice their home is not 44 but "only" 40 GB.

As for encryption - if already enabled, this makes resizing the storage layout to a sane size a bit harder, as now you will need no only to reize the respective filesystems and LVM logical volumes, but also the the LUKS container. Thankfully, LUKS containers can be resized, both up and down, even though the maintainers don't recommend that without prior backup:


See section: "2.15 Can I resize a dm-crypt or LUKS partition?"

The correct order (but no guarantees, really - use at own rick) will likely now be:

  1. unlock the LUKS container for home
  2. make the EXT4 filesystem in the LUKS container smaller
  3. make the LUKS container smaller
  4. make the LV holding home smaller
  5. increase the size of the LV holding root by the amount you have "taken" from the home LV
  6. increase the size of the EXT4 root filesystem to fill the now bigger logical volume

(I recommend keeping some buffer when resizing the various volumes rhather than always trying to exactly add the sizes you remove.)

MartinK ( 2019-11-22 13:56:01 +0300 )edit

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answered 2019-11-22 20:42:02 +0300

flow gravatar image

Some Additional Comments

Frankly I would have bought a smaller phone if there was a future-proof alternative running Sailfish. But I needed a quick replacement for my beloved Jolla 1 since the screen glass broke (still puzzles me - happened with a protective case in the inside pocket of a bicycle bag...).

Anyway, Sailfish installation procedure went well, wasn't too much of a hassle (good instructions, btw!), and the software is ready to work as a daily driver. No major deal-breakers for a non-demanding user like me.


Complementary to the other reviews:

  • Volume and power buttons are quite small and hard to press - may need some getting used to
  • Battery seems to get me about the same uptime as Jolla 1 when new - low usage pattern though
  • Big screen might dominate battery drain with bright settings

The additional screen estate does not prove as beneficial as one might think, specifically in portrait mode where it exceeds the natural viewing angle for e.g. reading text.

Usability and Handling

In general Sailfish UI adapts surprisingly well to the special dimensions of the Xperia 10, but the 21:9 form factor has some inherent problems. You can hold the phone single-handedly in portrait mode, but the upper part of the touch screen is completely unreachable. Also, reaching the middle of the screen with your thumbs in landscape mode proves difficult.

This affects some often used interactions:

  • Top menu
  • Open apps on the home screen
  • Calendar entries on the event screen
  • Upper part of the apps drawer
  • Selecting word completions when typing in landscape mode

This means two hands are needed in lots of situations where one hand would suffice on Jolla 1.

On the plus side, the fingerprint sensor works very well for me. I just put my thumb there for about 3 seconds and the device wakes up, unlocks, and takes me to home screen or last app. Works at least 90% of all times, otherwise I have to place the thumb there again. This is actually a practical (and more secure) way to unlock the phone.

Apart from that there isn't much difference, I haven't had any problems with small bezels and swiping.

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"specifically in portrait mode where it exceeds the natural viewing angle for e.g. reading text."

There's absolutely no reason to hold a smartphone vertically except when actually making phone calls. Most vertical users are morons, as evidenced by the fact that they keep holding the phone vertically even when recording video. I think serious physical punishment is in order for anyone contributing to VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome).

bocephus ( 2019-12-01 07:50:07 +0300 )edit

I find the fact that it's tall and skinny really good for how I use the phone: 95% in portrait. this particular form factor it's ideal when you have the keyboard on screen, you have left a lot of screen space. It feels a bit like a virtual blackberry. I really like it, It's a shame that the battery isn't great, but maybe they'll optimise it in the future upgrade .

deedend ( 2019-12-03 11:46:27 +0300 )edit

A quick comment about the battery drain. I just bought the same phone and had exactly the same issue. After searching around in the forums here a bit I installed the system monitoring tool and played around with in the Sailfish settings.

Turns out for my Xperia 10 it's all about 4G (I'm living in Germany if frequency/bands matter). Little comparison follows. Having all features turned on that I wanted, meaning Android Support with Signal running in the background, WLAN and 4G: I charged it over night, after ~4 hours I got only 60% left. Having the same features but changed the settings to "prefer 3G": I'm now 2,5 hours in and I have still 95% left. This is a very big difference. So I recommend testing this out yourself. Seems to me that the current Sailfish OS has some kind of battery drain issues with 4G on this phone.

waterstorm ( 2019-12-04 09:53:03 +0300 )edit

In that case I really hope that they'll fix it soon: this phone has potential

deedend ( 2019-12-09 11:43:11 +0300 )edit

answered 2019-11-22 14:01:39 +0300

virgi26 gravatar image

updated 2019-11-26 17:09:02 +0300

Another review

just some thoughts after 1 day

  • i do like general feeling of the phone. I mean in my hand. And the apps look quite alright in portrait position.
  • home screen now contains 2x3 apps by default (or 3x5). And apps start from the top. So the top apps are not reachable by your thumb. I usually have 2 apps open. Now i can not open them if using just one hand. I think home screen needs some redesign in this regard.
  • Swiping up from home screen to application list brings the list quite quickly. But if you have more apps then 1 screen can contain, second swipe up brings the second page in really slow way, which is a bit annoying
  • Bottom bezel is non-existent. Which is quite inconvenient for swiping up from bottom when using 1-handed. Basically bottom part of the screen is difficult to reach. I actually don't understand all the hype about bezel-less phones

Update - battery seems to be draining quite fast compared to X and XA2 =( Previously i could easily last for 2 days. X10 can barely last for 1 day

in the end i feel like this release (though unexpected) is better than XA2 was. Still with some important issues (like video playback). Hopefully will be fixed in next release

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How is the camera? According to Leszek ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VsHdJycgnM ) 10 Plus can use Sony's proprietary camera drivers also under Sailfish. Is this true and is the situation the same with Xperia 10?

pekkeli81 ( 2019-11-22 14:31:53 +0300 )edit

I don't think that the camera has received any special care. It supports only 16:9 with 12 Mpix, which seams to be the default from the former phones.

oates ( 2019-11-22 15:05:49 +0300 )edit

I actually don't understand all the hype about bezel-less phones

Agreed. I often accidentally start apps or other stuff on the XA2 just by handling it.

Tanghus ( 2019-11-22 16:15:58 +0300 )edit

@oates: don't believe, even the X has 20.2MP with SailfishX

luchmhor ( 2019-11-22 16:18:21 +0300 )edit

@luchmhor settings say it is indeed 13mpx (by specification, on X10). Small correction though: it is with 4:3. With 16:9 the maximum is 3840*2160

virgi26 ( 2019-11-22 19:00:26 +0300 )edit

answered 2019-11-26 14:49:30 +0300

tmy gravatar image

updated 2020-01-13 19:04:38 +0300

Usability and Handling:


  • Comfortable grip (not as slippery as Xperia X)
  • Finger print sensor works well


  • The form factor is quite unsuitable for Sailfish OS: the top part of the screen is unreachable when using one handed
  • Small power and volume buttons are hard to find


Based on two days of use, battery drain seems pretty bad. After loading it over night, the battery is at ca. 50% at 15:00.

GPS seems to get a position a lot slower than with Xperia X. Often have to wait for minutes for this to happen.

Android support:

As the main reason for me to buy this device was outdated Android support of Xperia X, here are some impressions of the Android support on Xperia 10.

Able to use some new apps (+++):

  • OP Mobiili (banking app)
  • MobilePay
  • K-Lataus

Still able to use some apps as before (+):

  • WhatsApp
  • Lightroom
  • Flickr
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Spotify
  • Waze
    • Yle Areena

Still NOT able to use some apps as before (-):

  • Canon Camera Connect (cannot connect to camera)
  • Virta (not able to see charging position map)
  • Fortum Charge&Drive (not able to see charging position map)

Now NOT able to use some apps that used to work before (on Xperia X) (---):


For me the Xperia 10 with SFOS is a slight disappointment. I was hoping for more compatible Android apps for the device to be able to e.g. use a DSLR camera and car charging more effectively, but it appears the status compared to Xperia X is about +-0.

Edit 2020-01-13: Recently I've experienced a lot (several times a day) of mobile connection disconnections. Had the same issue with Xperia X too. Also some random reboots occur sometimes.

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You seem to need an android phone. Buying a SFOS phone to use android apps on it is not going to be a nice experience.

ApB ( 2019-11-26 15:17:21 +0300 )edit

@ApB Yeah, I've been brooding on the same thought, but selling myself completely to Google just feels wrong :)

Anyway, just wanted to let Xperia X users know that upgrading to Xperia 10 won't bring Android app abundance bliss.

tmy ( 2019-11-26 15:38:32 +0300 )edit

Its not wrong its what you need. Most -if not all- of the apps you mention dont have a SFOS equivalent.

ApB ( 2019-11-26 16:25:37 +0300 )edit

Canon Camera Connect is working with Xperia-X and Sailfish

ron282 ( 2019-11-27 08:02:46 +0300 )edit

@ron282 Really? I can't get past the step where Wifi is activated in camera and the app should establish connection.

tmy ( 2019-11-27 10:49:20 +0300 )edit

answered 2019-11-27 00:58:35 +0300

Mohjive gravatar image

I can add another review. My Xperia XA2 finally gave up, and having no other option i went for an Xperia 10.

It feels more balanced than my XA2 was. I guess those 10 grams less makes a difference. I'm actually more accurate typing with one hand with the Xperia 10 than any of the previous Sailfish phones (and I've owned them all).

The long screen is neither good nor bad. Well, it has one plus and one minus.

The plus is that it's easier to zoom mails in landcape (as some mails, like the tjc mails, render really small in the native mail client). It has one bug and that is that the thumbnails has still the old formfactor, cropping the apps (e.g. Whatsapp doesn't show the last message in a thread as it's below the viewport bottom).

The fingerprint reader is more responsive than the Xperia X and the Xperia XA2, which is good. But as other has stated the lock button is small and hard to find. I often find myself trying to press the fingerprint reader (probably a habit from my Xperia X), and it wakes the phone 99% of times, which is good.

There's an issue with unlocking with code, it takes 2-3 seconds, while it's instantaneous with fingerprint reader.

One letdown for me is that many patches I use are made for Sailfish, which is the Xperia X/XA2 release, but Xperia 10 has Sailfish

It's noticeable that the battery is smaller than the XA2, I don't get 2 days usage with the Xperia 10 as I did with the Xperia XA2, but no problem getting one day and fast charging works good, so no need to leave it in the charger for long.

Overall I think it's a good phone and a good match with Sailfish, but personally I'd prefer a phone with smaller form factor and better specs (but there are no alternatives :( ).

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Enable Developer Mode in Patchmanager 3 and the patches will start working.

Bundyo ( 2019-12-02 19:28:22 +0300 )edit

@Bundyo: thanks for the help. I already knew this (and could have mentioned it in my post, so your comment is a good complement).

It's more of a nuisance really, since all patches do work (for now). But still, there's no guarantee that they will, so it's a bit fragile.

Mohjive ( 2019-12-02 20:23:48 +0300 )edit

Xperia 10 a pretty good phone for sure. site | site

leo1122 ( 2020-01-17 03:12:17 +0300 )edit

answered 2019-11-27 08:15:12 +0300

ron282 gravatar image

updated 2019-11-27 09:03:32 +0300

After one day of use Xperia-X remains my main phone:

  • The quality of the screen is lower (blacks are less black)
  • The form factor is disturbing for one hand operations
  • I don't feel it faster than Xperia-X
  • Media Gallery does not play all videos while it is working fine with Xperia-X
  • Rebooting the phone is required to apply new general settings to Android applications (changing the orientation lock...)
  • The native web brower is crashing when playing YouTube videos in landscape mode
  • Some of my Android apps are crashing while they are working fine with Xperia-X
  • I don't find anymore the option to avoid Android Apps to get access to Contacts. This is annoying.

As a conclusion this is a mixed bag and I would rather have a better hardware and a more standard form factor.

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I added my impressions a few hours ago and I agree screen is washed out horrible colours and even worse blacks. No to mention the phone feels terribly under powered regarding the CPU.

I had not noticed that but not that you mentioned I do not like that I can't prevent android apps to access my contacts... it feels like I am losing control and privacy and android is creeping inside sailfish to become what androids are a big brother surveillance tool.

Good catch! If this is not rectified I may as well reinstall android and try to re-sell my 10p

rubyhorse ( 2019-11-30 19:09:17 +0300 )edit

So you didn't try Settings, scrolled down to Apps, picked the installed Android App of your choice and altered the Android settings? Then you have no alternative...and you may as well reinstall Android and sell the 10+

tobset ( 2019-11-30 21:47:26 +0300 )edit

Well that was new for me it did not work that way in the xperia x or jolla. Now a question to you, would it have killed you to answer without the attitude in a civilized non smug way? Or are you this much of a delight in your daily life? Sure you're the heart of any party. Could have just said, Settings>apps>whatsapp and there you can toggle what the app uses.

Thanks for the tip though.

rubyhorse ( 2019-12-01 04:15:46 +0300 )edit

Just presented a mirror by using one single quote. So much for attitude. And now you start insulting? Really? (this is not the place for my long reply) Concerning the tip: you're welcome! that's what this forum is all about.


tobset ( 2019-12-01 10:24:15 +0300 )edit

answered 2019-11-30 20:50:04 +0300

Ras72 gravatar image

updated 2019-11-30 20:51:52 +0300

I've now had a Xperia 10 Plus (10+) for a week. I recognize everyone has different preferences, so I'm just sharing from my perspective.

My path has been N9>Xperia X>10+. My wife and two oldest children had the N9s and then we all upgraded to SFOSX. I wanted to investigate the 10/10+ before taking the leap with everyone else. I am very glad that I did.

As a point of reference, I am about 6' 5" (1.95m) tall, so my hands aren't exactly tiny. I can confidently say that after only a week, my right hand is cramped and sore from using this phone. It is simply not a one-handed phone. In order to type on and keep it balanced in my hand, I have to work a lot harder. In order to open apps ordered along the top of the screen or to swipe from the top down, I have to physically move the phone. If trying to do it one-handed, I have to hold my hand in such a way as to let gravity do its thing, yet let it do so in a controlled slide until my thumb can reach the top of the screen and swipe. All of this must be performed flawlessly in order to not drop the phone.

The other option, as when driving (at a red traffic light, of course), is that I have to use my leg to support the phone so I can have my hand reach what I'm trying to tap. The reality has become that this is a two-handed phone, or the smallest tablet I've ever used.

If it was just this that annoyed me, then I would live with it because I want it to work. But I must be doing something wrong because there are too many other things that do not work well enough for me.

This is my only phone and is, obviously, my daily driver. I have two Microsoft Exchange accounts that I use on my phone. On my Xperia X (XX), one account always gave me problems. I am pleased to say that on 10+, both Exchange accounts update every time without incident. That was definitely an improvement. I don't know why it would be different, but for whatever reason it is, and I was pleasantly surprised.

However, I have been entirely unable to have video play back on any Android apps. I install Ubiquiti networks and Axis security cameras for a living. As such, I use those Android apps weekly. I looked forward to the new Android version support on 10/10+ just so I could get the newer version of Android apps. However, I cannot get any video to play on the Axis Companion Classic app. I can successfully log into the app and see all of my sites. I can open a site and see thumbnails of all of the installed cameras. But when I click on any camera, it changes to the screen where it should show me live footage and then an error pops up says the video is too high a resolution. That's in the low-res mode that the XX has not problems playing back, not even the full resolution/high quality mode.

To troubleshoot, I tried playing videos from YouTube. Many won't play in either the stock browser or Chrome. To provide a specific, clearly non-work-related example, if I pull up Starwarstheory's review of Mandalorian episode 4 in either stock browser or Chrome, I can see stupid ads, but the video itself will not play. However, I downloaded YTPlayer and it can find a stream and play it back flawlessly.

Regardless of whether on cellular (T-Mobile USA) or WiFi, I cannot play the video.

With the Ubiquiti app, I can only pull up networks if I use the cellular internet, not the WiFi. The big caveat to that is that if on WiFi, then I can pull up the local network's settings in the Ubiquiti app, but never any remote site.

I realize my use case may be different than Sony's target audience. I don't care to watch wide aspect ratio movies on my phone, so I don't need the extra screen real estate for that. But it has been nice on email, websites, and work apps to have extra space to see more content. I have found it useful to see more of a past text message conversation with someone without scrolling.

Whatsapp did not load on my phone. I will do a test later today of copying the APK file still in my Downloads on my XX and install that upon my 10+ to do an apples-to-apples comparison of precisely the same version. However, using APKPure, I figured the app would load as easily as it did on my XX and it simply did not.

I apparently blew through a 4GB monthly data limit on my T-Mobile plan, so I'm at slow speed until 2 Dec. I've never reached my limit before, so I find that curious. As a result, I've resorted to WiFi at client sites and at home. My observation is going from WiFi, back to slow cellular as I commute, then back to WiFi is not smooth. I have had to reboot my phone to get things working properly every time.

And while I'm on the topic of rebooting my phone... I have accidentally shut down my phone at least seven times in as many days. Just picking the phone up and carrying it to go somewhere or to put in a jacket pocket, I pick it up in such a way as to have it fully in my hand, not dangling from the very top. I tend to pick it up from the sides, not from the glass screen. Well picking it up on the sides, I have unwittingly pressed the button to shut it down and I only find out when the phone does its quick vibration as it's shutting down. I never had this problem on XX or N9. I'm adapting and in last two days have not accidentally shut it down, but it's a slight annoyance nonetheless.

I do like the thumbprint reader on 10+ and its ability to wake the phone up and unlock it all at once. I just put my registered finger on that sensor and wait and it does it all. That is an improvement from the XX.

One of the reasons I got the 10+ was for the 2x optical zoom on the camera. Honestly, I haven't used the camera much yet. I'm not a critical photographer, so readers defer to other reviews of the camera. My use is primarily to take photos of serial numbers or Windows 7 activation keys stuck on a computer underneath a desk so I can type it into Windows 10. I just don't always want to crawl underneath to get the phone super close to the sticker, so the optical zoom is handy. Sometimes I reach around corners or deep into server racks and need to take a photo of something inside for documentation. Having the zoom is helpful to provide an enlarged view. From what little I've used the camera, it's suited my needs. The extra screen real estate looks weird in the stock camera app, but I understand why it's that way, so I just adapted.

Another deal killer for me is the Bluetooth support.

With all of my long passwords for Ubiquiti and Axis sites, I have long used a Logitech K480 keyboard with my XX. It has worked flawlessly for me. On the 10+, it is completely unusable. I may press a key 8 times before I get one letter to register.

I have an Etymotic Blu2 earpiece and have used those since N9 days. On N9 and XX I could have the headset paired and be able to press the button on the headset to answer calls, hang up, put someone on hold, etc. With the 10+, forget about it. I have to press the button on the phone's screen to hang up a call. In fact, now that I think about it, I have the same problem when the phone is paired with my car. I can't use the car to accept calls or hang up when done. I did not have that problem on the XX.

Another annoyance that is more SFOS-related with this new 3.2 is the window that pops up after I end a phone call. A few times I have been at a red traffic light with limited time for doing my phone tasks before I have to put it down and drive again. Just last night I ended a call and was trying to call someone back in the call history. I have to wait five precious red-light seconds for that blasted screen to disappear before I can click what was hidden beneath it. I know the remorse timers on everything else can be swiped away. I tried swiping it away and could not. The light turned green and I had to wait to do what I knew I could have done had that message not popped up. And incidentally, that message seems to only appear when someone hangs up on me, not when I hang up on them. Well, I tried to hang up on them to end the conversation, but the Bluetooth didn't permit it and the other person had to end the conversation. UGH.

All this being said, the only new thing I really tried to do with this phone was load my banking app (Chase Mobile) that I've never been able to have on XX. That was two days of frustration. I could only find an APK from earlier in the year. It loaded, I had to type my credentials repeatedly into the thing (via the on-screen keyboard mind you, because the Bluetooth one did not work in Android). I got the TFA text message, enter the code and my password yet again, and it started to load, then said that they have a new version of the app, then logs me out.

I then embarked upon doing the MicroG tasks that others have kindly posted instructions for a neophyte such as myself to follow. I finally got a new version of the app from the Amazon store and it said it wouldn't work on my version of Android. Are you kidding?!??! After realizing all of the permissions that thing wanted, I decided I'd suffer through the web interface indefinitely. Due to the many things that seemed to be not working, I figured perhaps I messed something up with the MicroG and reflashed my phone. It's been four days with the phone since the reflash and now a sore hand and many frustrations later, I'm moving back to the XX later today.

I will watch the forums and see if others have these problems or if I am just missing simple things. I won't return the 10+ (Best Buy will charge me to restock it). I'm not going to flash it back to Android anyway. But maybe this information, combined with other experiences recounted above, will help save someone else from the aggravations of early adoption.

The bottom line is that for now, I am taking my memory card and SIM card out and putting it back into the XX.

Not to end on a negative note, I am reaallllly pleased Jolla continues to work on everything and making improvements. I appreciate their standpoint on not upgrading Android support on XX. That's a trade-off I'm willing to accept. I did sign up for one year support on XX and have been pleasantly surprised each time I can successfully apply a new SFOS update upon it. That small, hearty crew has my utmost respect for doing so much with so little. I am very thankful to have the results of their labor of love in my life each day. While I get weary of explaining to people around me who don't realize that there are alternatives to iOS and Android, I am pleased to have the option.

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I hear you man... I love 21:9 and like the dual sim + SD option, I like the audio jack and that's it. But it is not Jolla's fault per-se, small company, tight budget on a market that becomes stale to most if you can't change the device after a year! Consumerism... I still have and use my n808, N9, Jolla1 and X. I would still use my lumia 1020 if I could... I bought the license (I have like 5 now) and the phone just to support Jolla.

But the difference from the X is just too much outside of slightly better android support, this is just a small tablet with an alpha version of Sailfish X. Not being negative just letting people know the state of things. Cheers

rubyhorse ( 2019-12-04 06:16:02 +0300 )edit

Same for me on my new Xperia 10: no videos in android apps, but I was able to install Whatsapp. But videos or animated GIF's don't work. But I can play the videos with LLs vPlayer. My old Jolla1 played it without problems directly in Whatsapp. That's annoying! But I like the fingerprint sensor.

SapereAude ( 2019-12-09 13:42:44 +0300 )edit

There's no need to use apkpure for Whatsapp, they freely distribute it here: https://www.whatsapp.com/android/

rgp ( 2019-12-10 19:40:59 +0300 )edit

answered 2019-11-30 06:18:09 +0300

rubyhorse gravatar image

updated 2019-12-04 06:07:26 +0300

I come from n808>N9>lumia1020>Jolla>JollaC>Xperia X>10 plus... So I have a long history of staying away from google and apple, and my daily driver is a plum rugged feature phone. That being said previous to all those phones I had a LG BL40 which was 21:9 in 2011 and I loved it, this made me take an impulsive jump to the 10 plus, so here are my early impressions.

Xperia 10 plus Good: - I love 21:9 (but this is dependent on your preferences) - Usb C... I guess it is an advantage - Separate dual sim support and SD slot - 3.5 mm headphone jack (in this time and age it is a plus no doubt) - NFC (dunno if we had it on the xperia x)

Bad: - Horrible washed out colours and bland blacks in the new screen compared to xperia x (No triluminous engine here) - A lot of the apps do not know what to do with the extra real estate so anything beyond 16:9 it a black space - A lot of the interface seems stretched (like the n808) so it feels like you are losing resolution stretching 16:9 on a 21:9 ratio - Plastic back feels cheap - You lose a whole camera lens from a phone with a dual camera! - Apps and system seems to be less snappy and slow (is this cpu less powerful than the xperia x?) - No front facing speakers - No stereo speakers - No camera shutter button - The finger print scanner no longer serves as the screen lock or power button - Devices like the seek infrared thermal camera are not recognized

I know Jolla is at the mercy of Sony and to what devices they add to their open program, I assume Jolla just makes the most out of the devices Sony allows them to use, but outside of the screen ratio there is NOTHING in the 10 plus that makes you feel you have better or more premium hardware than the xperia x.

As I said my daily driver is a rugged feature phone I just updated my xperia x to a 10p just to help with the cause and keep alive an option outside of android and iphone but after a few hours it was evident that the xperia x is still at 3 years old far superior to the new 10p... is this a software optimization issue? Only time will tell but to you guys thinking about leaving the X I'd say unless 21:9 is critical for you do not buy a 10p... perhaps check the cosmo communicator... because saying the 10p is a lackluster offering is being generous.


UPDATE #1 The unlock and startup of native and android is noticeably slower. Akin to moving from the X to the Jolla 1 The battery life is ABYSMAL You can install more android apps, more are supported now.

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Yes, it ’s strange that x is smoother than xa2 and 10

xbt123ufo ( 2019-11-30 06:51:07 +0300 )edit

It's a fact that Xperia 10 and XA2 are inferior to X. The only thing Xperia 10 brings is more RAM (and a larger screen, if that's your thing and the app uses it well).

Mohjive ( 2019-11-30 08:58:56 +0300 )edit

Yeah, outside of the nice 21:1 screen (dimensions only as the screen is also worse than the X) there are really no reasons as to why update from an X.

rubyhorse ( 2019-12-04 06:08:44 +0300 )edit

answered 2020-01-14 10:20:21 +0300

waterstorm gravatar image

updated 2020-01-14 10:23:07 +0300

After a few months of usage, I thought I'll also toss in my thoughts about the phone. I'm always trying to test out new systems (if they seem stable enough) and I'm trying to get away from the big companies.

I come from old Nokia Phones -> then got one of the first Android Phones -> switched to Windows -> got back to Android but always wanted to test Sailfish. I do like good hardware and the X10 seemed good and still cheap enough for me to give it a try without regrets (even if it would not work for me).

First experience

Before getting the phone and after reading some threads, I thought it would be difficult and that I would probably be annoyed pretty fast. But actually I was really surprised that nearly everything I needed was working pretty much out of the box. This includes:

  • Making calls (obviously)
  • Calendar and Contacts using ActiveSync or Cal-/CardDAV (both works really well with SOGo)
  • E-Mails
  • Signal Messenger (Android)
  • Whatsapp (I don't like it but need it for now - Android)
  • Bluetooth connection to my car for music and calls
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Maps (PureMaps and Here Maps)
  • OTP App
  • Alarm / Clock
  • Spotify, including casting to my AV-Rec via wifi (Android)

However there were some things that annoyed me (some more, some less):

  • Really bad battery drain ( > 50% in 12 hours)
  • The "popups" such as ringtone volume slider, connect to wifi, etc seemed to vanish sometimes
  • The Android store provided by Jolla updated to a scam version
  • Fingerprint sensor is slow and unreliable
  • Browser is horribly slow
  • E-Mail & calendar app could have more settings and functionality
  • BT music (Spotify) does not show artist, song, album etc.
  • I'm no fan of the screen (yet), it's so different than my old screen so I'm usually not typing what I want. But I'll probably get used to it.
  • The keyboard should allow having a layout of a different language than the word suggestions (e.g. English layout, German suggestions)
  • The phone feels very cheap (but then it was cheap ;-) )

This is what I use most. I do not play games or use many apps, it's mostly messaging and calling, so this is totally fine for me.

Tips and Tricks

So I tried to "fix" the issues I had, a few tips which may help:


I installed the storeman app to get a bit more variety in apps. This allowed me to install SystemDataScope, which I used to figure out what causes the battery drain.

Turns out, this seems to be some kind of bug with 4G / LTE. After setting "prefer 3G" in the system settings, my battery drain is gone. After 12h instead of >50%, it now uses only around 20% of the battery. Which is a pretty solid result.

Popup Issue

This issue was fixed after upgrading to the latest Sailfish OS version.

Android Store

As suggested by Jolla and others here in the forums, I manually installed APKPure which is better that the Android store provided by Jolla, I can life with that one.

Fingerprint Sensor

I often need to try it 4-5 times until I can login. This may be hardware or software related, I don't know. All I know is that it was WAY better with my old LG phone and also with the Nokia my wife has.

In addition, sometimes the fingerprint sensor stops working at all. I didn't find the cause yet, but rebooting reliably restores the functionality. Jolla should look into this and get it fixed.

All the rest

I'm still looking for a upgrade of the browser, that annoys me the most at the moment. But I'll probably get some newsreader, which I do most of the time when using the browser. But still I hope Jolla upgrades that thing soon.

No "fix" for BT music yet, but this is not really an issue for me.


All in all I'm actually very happy that I tried Sailfish OS, it's way better than I thought it would be. Still I hope Jolla fixed the mentioned issues and upgrades the browser & email/calendar app. But for my daily driver this phone works pretty well! I hope it stays that way the next few month.

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for the BT audio stuff, try to install BTtons from openrepos, then turn on Mpris proxy, you will see that you can then control the music with BT buttons and see what is played... at least it works for me :P. Afaik Jolla is working on the feature so it is integrated and there is no need for additional app but let's see if/when it comes ;-)

pat_o ( 2020-01-14 11:42:46 +0300 )edit

Ah nice, thanks for the hint! Will try.

waterstorm ( 2020-01-14 11:44:49 +0300 )edit

For keyboard layouts, you can either use one of the existing ones in openrepos (including mines, cheap ad, sorry).

Or, if you want an English layout with German suggestions, you can just copy the English layout and change languageCode to DE instead of EN (or any language code you want). I did this to get an English keyboard using the French layout, check these two files : .conf file, and .qml file.

orangecat ( 2020-01-14 11:54:01 +0300 )edit

Does the android version of Firefox work as a browser replacement?

Mike ( 2020-01-20 14:14:15 +0300 )edit

@Mike I did not try that yet. But I read that some people do exactly that (or other Android browsers such as Opera, Vivaldi or Chrome). However I'd like to use as few Android apps as possible. So I'd really love a (better) native browser.

waterstorm ( 2020-01-30 10:10:43 +0300 )edit

answered 2020-01-06 23:45:44 +0300

Here is a picture comparison between Xperia 10 and Xperia XA2 Plus. Overall X10 have better low-light capabilities, and XA2 Plus have more pixels.

Room light box

X10 https://framapic.org/YD5wq9w0tIpr/pgKDRlp9bRBR.jpg

XA2 Plus https://framapic.org/uPUCDjfYGrLh/Qh8853WfY2pL.jpg

Room light behind object

X10 https://framapic.org/GXkzzcogRCiI/6Z728dr2dnzW.jpg

XA2 Plus https://framapic.org/qFn0z3s51sD2/60kGp0qfR3eS.jpg

Low light

X10 https://framapic.org/VRxok0f23Lye/dxilZaSvndxP.jpg

XA2 Plus https://framapic.org/29g2nZkJxQBc/JaYKuRToAca0.jpg

Near dark

X10 https://framapic.org/iZKg7in3zIQe/m4TnfHqgDqVA.jpg

XA2 Plus https://framapic.org/ws3xiW9of8wP/SPXHioOYHfjR.jpg

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