Radio communication hangs and locks up phone functionality and shutdown

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Issue description

At some point radio communication stops working, i.e. at least WiFi/WLAN and mobile data, but as far as I can tell also Bluetooth and normal mobile network. In this state:

  • Neither native, nor Android apps can connect to the internet anymore
  • The connection icons in the upper right "system tray" show full coverage, but are frozen in that state and the WiFi/WLAN icon in the top menu still shows the previously connected to SSID, although the coverage area was left
  • Clicking on the active mobile data resp. WiFi/WLAN icon in the top menu attempts to shut off the corresponding radio, but directly reverts to the previous, active state
  • Activating currently inactive radios in the top menu also doesn't work
  • The native browser doesn't show the (custom) favicons for favorites anymore (besides not being able to browse)
  • The battery drains rather quickly
  • Settings -> Utilities -> Restart of Network doesn't help
  • The system can't be shut off resp. restarted anymore and hangs on the screen with message "One moment..."

After all, the system can only be brought back to normal operation via a Power+Volume Up reset.

System information

Xperia X with Sailfish OS (started back then with 2.1.3 and updated over time).

The issue started to happen with the first Sailfish OS 3 version (if I recall correctly). Recently it happened more and more often, up to multiple times a day now.

Possible cause (update)

Thanks to some comments below, I figured out that my issue is actually twofold.

  1. WiFi/WLAN crash: It seems to occur as a consequence of entering and leaving WiFi/WLAN resp. access point coverage areas and seems to be related to AP/Band Steering.
  2. Bluetooth crash: It seems to be down to disabling it while the other device is still connected.

I will leave this question open, especially because the SailfishX 3.0.3 WiFi firmware crash question is marked "answered", although it's actually not. And even though you can mitigate it at home by disabling AP/Band Steering, public hotspots will still crash our devices!

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Your issue sounds similar to that one. It seems the latest Sailfish OS version ( improved the situation a bit, but didn't solve the issue completely.

In my case, disabling band steering in my router (AVM Fritzbox) helped.

ziellos ( 2019-12-05 11:15:46 +0300 )edit

I also experience parts of this on a JP1301 (Jolla 1). Shutting down the phone in that state results in a red status LED for exactly as long as I am patiently waiting for a change. Usually, I end up removing the battery after about 1000 seconds. (So I am rather patient.)

Maus ( 2019-12-05 11:18:59 +0300 )edit

Thanks for pointing out that ticket, @ziellos. I linked it in my description. Indeed I do have a combination of AVM Fritz!Box 7490 and FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E, which might cause this issue in general. However, I am still sure that there was also a problem happening outside the WLAN coverage, which might however be rather similar to the linked Bluetooth issue.

c-s-n ( 2019-12-05 14:28:57 +0300 )edit

Sounds like the issues I have with my 10+ (I have a X too but have not seen these issues on it) the battery lasts less than a day with almost no use and random things start failing. Last time the finger print reader stopped responding.

As I restarted the process got stuck and the red led showed for a while indicating something was broken. It was stuck on the white LED of death until I pwr+vol up. After that I could only reflash.

rubyhorse ( 2019-12-05 18:34:28 +0300 )edit

Same issue with X . And a Fritzbox 7490 and Repeater with Mesh.

utkiek ( 2020-02-24 13:04:25 +0300 )edit