Selecting top menu switch on locked device doesn't return to lock screen

asked 2019-12-20 17:44:16 +0300

nthn gravatar image

When the device is locked and you pull down the top menu with the switches for WiFi etc, and you enable/disable one of the switches, you're required to unlock the device. This is fine, but once you unlock the device, it doesn't go back to the lock screen, instead it does whatever it would have done if you had unlocked the device normally (without tapping one of the switches), which is usually to return to the last used application. This is not what I expect.

For example, I've had mobile data on for a while and now I want to turn it off again, so I take my device, pull down the top menu on the lock screen, tap the mobile data switch to turn it off, enter my lock code, and I expect to remain on the lock screen, but instead I'm transported to the messaging application I had been using before. All I wanted was to disable the data connection, I didn't want to send messages again (especially not now that the connection is disabled), so I think this can be considered a bug. I have no idea how other operating systems do this, though.

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