How to enable dead keys with hardware keyboards?

asked 2019-12-22 03:52:42 +0200

Kabouik gravatar image

updated 2019-12-30 06:07:22 +0200

I am currently using a keyboard layout that contains deadkeys, and I know that this layout is working because those dead keys work as expected when I use my hardware keyboard in Ubu chroot. However, within SFOS applications, the dead keys simply have no effect. What should I do to make them work? I think it was possible with the TOHKBD.

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There seems to be some deadkey functionality in maliit for touch keyboards, see for instance the Czech keyboard. So there is some hope. Is there a way to make SFOS recognize deadkeys sent from hardware keyboards and defined as deadkeys in their corresponding xkb layout?

Kabouik ( 2020-05-21 19:12:32 +0200 )edit