boot splashscreen Sailsfish X on Sony Xperia 10 possible?

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since xmas I have now a Sony Xperia 10 Dual Sim and SFOS I was wondering about the open bootloader splashscreen but I understand it.

But it is possible after the sony splashscreen to show a SFOS Sceen like the first start after flashing. In the moment it is only a black picture and it is not nice.

I was looking for the path /boot/ but found only the file hybris-boot.img not the splash.img.gz like on my Jolla C. Maybe the way from here is also possible on Sony 10? Could some one help me please?

The best way would be to create a small app like this but unfortunately my programming skills are too low for that.

Thanks in advance.

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I mean not the change of the bootloader unlocked picture. I will show a additional Picture or gif, when the phone shows the black screen after the sony logo. I think it is the time in there the phone uncrypt the user datas.

Ralf ( 2020-01-02 15:53:10 +0300 )edit