Android e-book reader "OnLeihe" for library books not showing book on screen

asked 2020-02-12 11:30:25 +0300

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Dear Sailors,

I have a Tolino Vision 4 HD ebook-reader and am downloading Adobe DRM secured e-books that the german libraries offer as e-books. Now, I want to use the Android App on my Xperia 10. I have already downloaded one of those books, but when I tap on the button "Read" (german: Lesen), the result is a blank white screen.

I have entered my Adobe DRM password and the library account password, so from this side, I believe, that the DRM feature shall be "unlocked" to show the book on the display.

Because my Tolino ebook reader can make screenshots (it runs some Android software beneath), I doubt, that the DRM on AOSP (Alien Dalvik) shall be the problem. But this is not 100% sure, of course.

Because the App does not show an error message requesting Google Play Services, I doubt, that this would be a problem.

Does anyone have another idea, how to get a step further in analyzing this problem?

Thank you very much in advance!

Cheers, Dejan

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