What is the update procedure? And what to do in case the phone decides not to follow it? [not relevant]

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In topic [Release Notes] Software version, Naamankajärvi, Fetch the update, it is stated:

Do not reboot the device while the OS update installation is in progress.

What would be recommended if phone stopped updating around... ~30% and rebooted the device by itself?

Since it wasn't a user, but the phone that initiated that reboot, should I reset the device and try again, or just "leave" it since it seems that the second try passed without any problems?

When I was still at, I got a notification that there are new updates for system and for apps from Essential apps from Jolla bundle.

Since I wasn't sure if I should first update the apps, or the system, and in Fetch the update instructions it just says to update the system, I figured that maybe, new Jolla app updates are dependent on the system update.

After, hopefully, successful second try on updating the system, I thought that I'll have to update the apps too, but it seems that they were already updated.

So, did the first "failed" update attempt update my Jolla apps, while second one did the actual system update? Or are the updates for the Jolla apps bundled together with the system updates?

Shouldn't these two things be separated? System update is a system update, and should do only a system update, while a user should be able to choose if he wants to do a specific app update, instead of updating them automatically for the user?

So, the first question from the title:

What is the update procedure?

Should I first update my apps, and then do the system update? Will something go wrong if I decide to reset my phone, go to, do only app update and stay on the version or are the apps actually dependent on some added/fixed functionality in the with which I'd have to update to the Would something go wrong if I would reset my phone, update to, update the apps and then update to

I think that that's that.

Thank you, Ranko

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I noticed the same, which was confusing and somewhat scary. But after the reboot initiated during the system upgrade the phone was still functionlal and I did the system upgrade again in which case it did complete to a 100%.

I hope the next system update won't have scary moments such as the phone rebooting mid-upgrade.

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