[3.3.0] [nextcloud] issues with nextcloud photos in gallery

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This is intended as an addition to the discussion of general issues of the nextcloud integration (see here).

If configured correctly, the gallery app displays the content of the /Photos nextcloud folder. However, it seems there are issues with this integration.

  • Images that have been deleted in nextcloud remain visible in the gallery's grid view. When trying to open such image, the message "Image download failed" is shown. Expected behaviour: thumbnails of images deleted in nextcloud should disappear from the gallery, too.
  • Some thumbnails in gallery's grid view remain broken (that means only a part of the thumbnail is visible) even if the full image has been successfully downloaded. Expected behaviour: broken thumbnails should be updated once the full image has been downloaded. At least there should be some possibility to update/delete/repair thumbnails in gallery.
  • It seems the gallery downloads the actual full-size images from nextcloud to create previews in 1080x1080 pixels dimension. However, it is not clear if these previews are used at all. Grid view shows much smaller thumbnails, and the full image view shows the full-size image originally downloaded. It would be smart if gallery app would download the nextcloud previews which are optimized for size and speed. These should be used for gallery's thumbnail view. Downloading full-size images should be an option (manually triggered), not the default.
  • There should be an option to specify the target folder for sharing images to nextcloud, e.g. to place shared images in a subdirectory.
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SailSync ghostcloud does all the work. Great app. Syncing calendars and contacts using Cal/CardDAV does the rest! I'll tried to setup a nextcloud account via the new wizard and failed. So fall back to the "old solution".

predator2019 ( 2020-05-03 06:14:46 +0300 )edit