[bug regression] voicecall: input audio quality bad / wired headsets

asked 2020-05-09 16:54:40 +0300

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  1. When using the original wired headsets with a Xperia 10 phone (SFOSX in the voicecall app, my voice input is received at my communication partner very noisy (when i speak) and mostly not understandable. So, pulseaudio INPUT level (headset mic) not well balanced.

  2. Attaching a normal ear speakers (without mic) my communication partner does not even hear me really (voice volume to low). So, pulseaudio INPUT level (buildin mic) not well balanced.

  3. Using the build in loudspeaker (free speech) results in a continuous noise at my communication partner when I am not speaking.

Conclusion: No hands-free solution for the voicecall scenario.

Any way to adjust the 1. scenario?

I tested the second scenario above with an android messenger and an audio call. This worked very well. The input level of my buildin mic was ideal and my communication partner had a good conversation experience. Maybe this is a hint to solve scenario 2. but I have no big picture of the pulseaudio configuration of SFOS.

I'd really appreciate any ideas you guys may have as to why this is happening or for any solution ... Thanks.

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With update 3.3 the voice does not work in my Experia AX2! Restarting the mobile phone twice, the audio is working again. It is not a good thing, you will have to solve this problem. Why did the call sound hang?

paxlex ( 2020-05-12 18:02:50 +0300 )edit