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Currently, I use LineageOS 16.0 on Sony Xperia XA2 Dual SIM (H4113) as my daily driver for private and business use. As there are some issues with the update to 17.1 I gave SailfishOS another try. And, compared to last time I'm quite impressed. It's way more functional than LineageOS, especially when it comes to CardDAV-/CalDAV-support or just the possibility to turn off the second SIM with one touch.

There is just one significant issue: The standard web browser. It just seems to be outdated. There is nearly no website which does not cause trouble, even very simple ones, for example the one from Austrian Broadcasting Company. Just take a look:

Did I miss something? Are there easy-going possibilities to get the browser up to date? If there is a chance to get it working well, I would most probably change my OS to Sailfish.

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The browser is a big problem, it's a well known big problem, with many issues. There are plenty of posts regarding this subject, it pays to search for similar posts before posting yours, this way we can avoid multiple questions asking the same thing and diluting the subject. Due to the way others word their searches, I am struggling to find a 'for instance' but I know there are plenty of posts on this very subject.

As far as I know, a team has been assigned to work on the browser, as for when it may become truly usable for nearly all of us, remains to be seen.

Spam Hunter ( 2020-06-03 16:22:08 +0300 )edit

Work is ongoing to upgrade the browser engine.

jovirkku ( 2020-06-04 10:52:22 +0300 )edit

Alternatively an Android browser like Fennec oder Friefox comes in handy. But I will be more than happy to switch back to the stock browser.

btw: I've got a second phone with lineage OS for things I do not want on my daily driver. Everytime I use it I am glad when I can switch it off and use my Sailfish again.

WT.Sane ( 2020-06-04 12:04:29 +0300 )edit

Since the last update you can use the flatpak version of Angelfish Browser. Its definitely an improvement. See:

Felix ( 2020-06-05 09:36:37 +0300 )edit

I have used the Kiwi Browser which is quite good imho. I haven't seen an update for it since I installed, so I have no idea how current it will stay. It seems to have gone awol from APK Pure where I got it (I think), so you may need to look around for it.

DrDweeb ( 2020-06-05 13:11:50 +0300 )edit