[concept issue] AF+Photo+flashlight together to avoid night photo having blue taint

asked 2020-06-29 01:36:24 +0300

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Hello sailors and jolla team,

first i must admit that i don't use the camera with flash quite often. otherwise i had already given a feedback about the problem.

Issue is by me with my xperia xa2+, and i'm curious to know, with which other device it would be the same.

This night i made a lot's of picture with the awb/cloud/tungsten/sunny adjustment and all pictures had a blue taint.
I remarked we could take any adjustment the result would be quite the same. Pictures are blue.
I found that the camera in shadowed environment, is really good if it get enough light with enough time from flashlight.
The taint of the flash light is great. Design from sony is for me perfect, hum great.

What i found really weird at the beginning, at the end funny...
Because first, before taking the picture, by taping on the display for using the AF.
We could see a great colour that the camera take in combination with flash. The flashlight need a little bit time to be powered on, we see at the beginning it is blue. Then it get a warm white taint which is perfect
But it power it off. And after by taking the pic, it power the flash on really short and take the pic. That's so shortly done that the pic is blue. And if i try to start the AF and take the pic directly after. Then the flash is interrupted in between. And will powered on shortly by shooting. Blue blue blue always blue!!!!.

Thus please for the dev-team in charge. please let the flash power-on time something longer so that the flash give a correct light. At the beginning it is blue. We could make nice vampire pics with it, but that's not for the satisfaction for all.
See what happens by filming a movie. Color is perfect , warm white, because flashlight is still powered on . Then why not to take inspiration on that for having a cool, great picture with a warm white taint like the environment is?

Alternatively would be as suggestion, for night pictures with flashlight, always apply the AF with taking picture (at the end) together without flash interruption.
So that the scene get and give its correct light back.

"Let enough time for flashlight to be powered On before shooting a photo" that is the requirement that i would like to give you.
Alternative would be "for night photo with flashlight, combine AF adjustment with shooting at the end".

Thus wish you have good continuation.


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This may not be relevant, but I have not had a flip case I wouldn't have had issues with the flash. It causes a weird blue-ish haze over the pic. Take the cover off, problem solved. (And my N900 now has black sharpie over the lens cover for the same reason, buy Sony phones don't have those.)

Direc ( 2020-06-29 14:28:20 +0300 )edit

@Direc you mean that the case produce a kind of reflection?

cemoi71 ( 2020-06-29 21:42:16 +0300 )edit

by mine is without case even stronger with blue taint...

cemoi71 ( 2020-07-01 02:00:10 +0300 )edit