SIM accounts sometimes show up as Google account

asked 2013-12-26 05:38:17 +0300

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  1. Find two identical accounts imported from SIM.
  2. Merge accounts.

Result (this usually happens, you might need to merge accounts that are not exactly the same e.g. with different name or surname):

  • When you try to merge another account one of the accounts will be shown with the Earth (globe) icon and are sometimes marked as "telepathy" or "google".
  • When you try to edit one of the number won't be editable.

All kinds of crazy things happen when you also merge more accounts together - e.g. sometimes all phone number disappear from the preview screen and you have to un-merge SIM contacts to be able to make a call. This might be relate to the fact you cannot add more then one phone number of certain type (see:


  • SIM based accounts should always be marked appropriately.
  • If some fields are different but accounts are not web/service based I should be able discard one of the accounts (leaving them merged forever).
  • If I merge two accounts with all fields that are identically one of them should simply disappear (discarding one of the accounts automatically).
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