Introduce Co-developer badge linked to karma-levels and activities

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Some thoughts about how to transform SailfishOS-related spontanious co-creation to organized co-development

In regards to @Stskeeps question about how Co-creation could lead to co-development my suggestion is that active particapants of this "Together" forum could receive different types of "Co-developer" badge based on e.g. specified karma levels and/or activity histories here. The co-developers could then be granted role-based and task-based privileges to take part and contribute to some real and on-going design, development and testing activities of SailfishOS middle-ware (Mer) and UX (Nemo and Silica) targeting future enhancements and improvements of the platform and Jolla device.

There are numerous possibilities to what kind of roles or tasks these (or us) "co-developers" could be assigned (naturally dependant on comptencies and interests, resources, time ect..), but among many are: UI concept design and mock-ups, user need and requirements analyzes linked with UX customization requests, small agile sprint-teams to experiment with new features, testing and QA, bug-triaging and fixing, TOH and hardware design, community interaction facilitators etc.. In these roles the co-developers could work independently, in teams, or in collaboration with Jolla and projects related to SailfishOS, Mer, Nemo and Qt/QML etc..

Of course, lots of these kind of co-development activities have been, and are alreaydy going on (without any badge systems from this forum). But, the do-it-together idea and it's many forms to develop open-oriented mobile tech and solutions in collaboration with end-users, developers, designers, enthusiasts and sailors could this way be kick-started from this community and forum where many of those that have interest in SailfishOS and Jolla are already co-creating ideas, suggestions and designs for future enhancments, applicatios and UX improvements.

So, this could be one way to start to transform the already on-going (but not organized or managed) SailfishOS-related co-creation in existing customer feedback channels, mailing lists, blogs, and discussion forums, to concrete co-develeopment roles and/or tasks with self-motivated people utlizing their own competenices for common goals of the #unlike community ;)

Cheers, -jukka

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this should be done by hand not based on statistics!

chemist ( 2013-12-28 04:47:19 +0200 )edit

Yes, "based on" doesn't mean that co-developer badge would be granted automatically. The karma, and activity-history would only point to canditates of who would want to become co-developers in some community projects etc.

Edit: changed the title to read "linked to karma and.." to avoid it to be misunderstood being automatic grant

foss4ever ( 2013-12-28 04:54:00 +0200 )edit