Custom keyboard layouts via Jolla Store

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  • Provide a way for users to upload custom keyboard layouts (layout.qml, layout.conf, descriptive text, screenshot(s)), that are packed in the background to a self-installing package and downloadable from Jolla Store (category: Virtual Keyboards).
  • Tag this question with "roadmap"
  • Amend file InputHandler.qml to cater for cursor keys.


The number of requests for specific keyboard layouts is rising. On the other hand, many users are creating their own layouts. It would be sensible to provide a simple way, that these layouts can be shared also with people not wanting to fiddle around with Terminal and devel-su.

As shown on, it is possible to pack all layout information into a single qml file to be stored in the layouts directory, so no need to overwrite any existing files, in particular not in any directory above the layouts directory. These non-destructive keyboard layouts could easily be provided to the general public.

Even this request may not be granted in the short term: If you would tag it roadmap, all the requests for custom keyboards could be directed to this question.

PS: I am aware of That however is less specific than this request, so I do not see a duplicate.

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