New SMS is (silently) deleted with the thread

asked 2014-02-04 10:37:46 +0300

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updated 2015-08-18 12:24:28 +0300

When the SMS thread is deleted there is a 5 second period to cancel like in any other delete process. If the other person sends an SMS which arrives during this 5 sec then the newly received SMS is deleted as well. It means that SMS is lost. I tested it couple of times, sometimes there is a “flash” where the content of new SMS can be seen, but it also happened that new SMS was deleted silently.

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I can confirm this annoying and problematic bug, and I find it interesting that it hasn't been handled in any way since it was posted.

Imagine you choose to delete a SMS thread/conversation, when there is 1 second or less left you hear a pling, indicating a new SMS, but BOOM - it's gone...

Rune Rasmussen ( 2015-08-18 12:30:02 +0300 )edit