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rotate feed [duplicate]

asked 2014-02-04 11:36:25 +0300

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updated 2014-02-04 14:35:31 +0300

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With the latest update jolla-browser has landscape support, while testing it out I looked into my notification feed. which of course shown up in landscape, but it's not that nice to view it that way. so I rotate my jolla and expect it to rotate the screen, but it didn't.

One possible problem with autorotate feed is if you want to use it lying on bed. Maybe an (global) orientation lock would be a possibility

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answered 2014-02-04 12:06:24 +0300

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Did not get your second sentence, but the notifications feed rotation has already been reported here: https://together.jolla.com/question/21886/bug-introduced-orientation-bugs-by-1038/

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