Sailfish update wlan connection fails with a kernel WARNING message [not relevant]

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I updated to and am using a wpa enterprise network to connect to. This worked fairly fine until today when the connection suddenly ceased. The last i did was downloading a disk image and when i after 5 minutes tried to look something up with the browser i had no internet connection and was told the website is not available. I checked the network connection and ifconfig did not show an ip address assigned. After some minutes the connection was reestablished and back to normal.

Here my wpa config:

[root@localhost nemo]# cat /var/lib/connman/wifi-company.config 

Here the snippet from dmesg:

[ 9190.603081] ------------[ cut here ]------------
[ 9190.603386] WARNING: at net/wireless/scan.c:590 cfg80211_bss_update+0x384/0x4b4 [cfg80211]()
[ 9190.603447] Modules linked in: mysatroker(PO) wlan(PO) cfg80211
[ 9190.603600] [<c0014c5c>] (unwind_backtrace+0x0/0x11c) from [<c007de78>] (warn_slowpath_common+0x4c/0x64)
[ 9190.603722] [<c007de78>] (warn_slowpath_common+0x4c/0x64) from [<c007dea8>] (warn_slowpath_null+0x18/0x1c)
[ 9190.603905] [<c007dea8>] (warn_slowpath_null+0x18/0x1c) from [<bf005e84>] (cfg80211_bss_update+0x384/0x4b4 [cfg80211])
[ 9190.604180] [<bf005e84>] (cfg80211_bss_update+0x384/0x4b4 [cfg80211]) from [<bf006108>] (cfg80211_inform_bss_frame+0x154/0x188 [cfg80211])
[ 9190.606346] [<bf006108>] (cfg80211_inform_bss_frame+0x154/0x188 [cfg80211]) from [<bf134518>] (wlan_hdd_cfg80211_inform_bss_frame+0x278/0x2a4 [wlan])
[ 9190.609002] [<bf134518>] (wlan_hdd_cfg80211_inform_bss_frame+0x278/0x2a4 [wlan]) from [<bf1346d4>] (hdd_cfg80211_scan_done_callback+0x190/0x30c [wlan])
[ 9190.611230] [<bf1346d4>] (hdd_cfg80211_scan_done_callback+0x190/0x30c [wlan]) from [<bf05e1f4>] (csrScanCallCallback+0x24/0x4c [wlan])
[ 9190.613091] [<bf05e1f4>] (csrScanCallCallback+0x24/0x4c [wlan]) from [<bf05fe0c>] (csrReleaseScanCommand+0x4c/0xa8 [wlan])
[ 9190.614953] [<bf05fe0c>] (csrReleaseScanCommand+0x4c/0xa8 [wlan]) from [<bf061b0c>] (csrScanSmeScanResponse+0x168/0x1ac [wlan])
[ 9190.616815] [<bf061b0c>] (csrScanSmeScanResponse+0x168/0x1ac [wlan]) from [<bf061b84>] (csrScanningStateMsgProcessor+0x34/0x224 [wlan])
[ 9190.618860] [<bf061b84>] (csrScanningStateMsgProcessor+0x34/0x224 [wlan]) from [<bf095d28>] (sme_ProcessMsg+0x490/0x550 [wlan])
[ 9190.620752] [<bf095d28>] (sme_ProcessMsg+0x490/0x550 [wlan]) from [<bf03c138>] (VosMCThread+0x4e4/0x678 [wlan])
[ 9190.621607] [<bf03c138>] (VosMCThread+0x4e4/0x678 [wlan]) from [<c009b344>] (kthread+0x84/0x90)
[ 9190.621729] [<c009b344>] (kthread+0x84/0x90) from [<c000f0ec>] (kernel_thread_exit+0x0/0x8)
[ 9190.621790] ---[ end trace da227214a82491bd ]---

Howto repeat:

Connect to some wpa enterprise wlan with above settings and download some big file (> 500mb) repeatedly and see if your network fails eventually. run 'dmesg' as root to see the oops message.

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Getting the same warning/trace on as well

miska ( 2014-04-02 10:55:30 +0300 )edit