wlan connman UI needs some love

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in settings, ever since i edited a WLAN and set a manual ip, the whole list of saved wlans disappears, and i only see: "pull down to connect to internet" . when i do a iw dev wlan0 scan as root, the list re-appears in the UI and it starts to connect.

however, the connect stops after a while, and it doesn't retry, turning off wlan and back on, doesn't help, the list has the remembered ones, but they show all no signal.

now i've redone the scan and and again immediately it starts to connect and this time it does connect.

i'll note also that the EDIT context menu option has no disappeared.

i'll also note that i had accidentally remove one and there was no remorse timer.

Edit: it seems that after some minutes it disconnected again, and i needed to redo the iw dev wlan0 scan again to get back

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had that after the upgrade but never again afterwards

chemist ( 2014-02-05 13:42:44 +0300 )edit