Give user option to modify his own TOH options [duplicate]

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I don't know wether it's already planned or not, but anyway... What i propose is to give user option to modify what his TOH should do. Existing TOHs (there are 3 official TOHS atm) come with preinstalled wallpapers, ringtones, etc. What i want to do is to associate my TOH with my own wallpaper, ringtones, etc (linked to RFID of TOH). So when i clip my TOH, first it would check some local phone storage, wether i have any custom options associated with this particular TOH, and then this options should override predefined options of this TOH. It would work only on my phone, not any other phones (since it's local storage). So when i have several TOHs. it would give me ability to customize look and feel of my Jolla, the way i want it, regardless of my TOHs predefined options.

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