Video and playlist settings

asked 2013-12-26 12:43:07 +0300

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updated 2014-01-23 00:49:28 +0300

I would like to have a setting in Jolla for two native apps: Gallery (for video playback) and Media (for playlists). This setting would have three options:

  1. Restart from beginning
  2. Resume play (where left off)
  3. Always ask question (restart from beginning or resume play where left off?). This third option may look as the least interesting one, but in my experience there are videos that you want to watch where you left off while there are other videos that you want to watch each time from the beginning.

After choosing the setting option, one would have the selected option when playing a video or a playlist (the default one being of course "Restart from beginning").

This is something that exists on the N9 for video playback (except for the option always ask).

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Maybe convert these to a pulley menu just right after the app has been launched?

NikosAlexandris ( 2013-12-26 13:08:27 +0300 )edit

i don't really agree, it would be better to just have in the pulley menu an option to restart playlist (if it's a playlist)

AL13N ( 2013-12-26 16:57:36 +0300 )edit