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Would be awesome to have a timer on the Ambience changes, meaning that if you need to put your phone on silent for like 2h, you could as in some androids, set up it to silent and automatically changing to the other one after a predetermined time. So, a timed changes for Ambiences would be great

UPDATE : I think this could be done from the favorite ambience menu. When choosing one of them, you would touch and hold, until an option tab would come, giving you a timer option on top of "remove from favourites" link, or you could predetermine a time. When you would set up the ambience, and choose the sounds, the whatnots, there would be an option for timed lenght. Meaning that how long it'll be "active" until changing to a different one, or the previus. This then would always be active and display on the screen such as the volume, when this ambience is chosen.

This would not "consume" that much battery as something that might need a GPS or Internet connection, as the only thing it would require would be the time stamp when it was changed and the time when it'll change back. When GPS location for example will determine an area, when the phone is inside, would do specific things, requires (i think) constant GPS checks.

Then, for me, would be great because I often go abroad for work and travel and then I always turn of the roaming connection. So having a timed Ambience, would allow me to have it on without the fear of huge phone billg for data transfer.

So, when you go to the movies, just choose the ambience that you want, choose the time when choosing it and tadaa. You then do not have to remember to change the volume back after the film as it'll do it on its own. Same applies to when going to bed for example or having a nap. Some times you just dont want ANYONE to bother for a few minutes, but know that you might get an urgent call in 2hours or something..

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Timed ambience change would be cool. But location based ambience change (at office, at home) would be awesome ;-)

forgrimm ( 2014-02-06 20:14:58 +0300 )edit

I'd like to have nearly all features in Jolla ambience as the Profilematic app for N9 has. =)

tajunta ( 2014-02-06 22:36:45 +0300 )edit

Seems to me that this suggestion is already addressed here: https://together.jolla.com/question/1685/we-need-a-scheduler-or-automation-tool-like-profilematic-or-situations/

Thus, this question should be closed as duplicate (note that there is 130+ votes already for this so the topic is better refined there)

foss4ever ( 2014-02-09 10:57:07 +0300 )edit

That solution you gave is too general, it mentions too many options, that were gathered from ProfileMatic?'s abilities. Of course you can always make a huge list of what you think might be a great idea to add, but for sake of not waiting for ages to get a huge update with all of them there, you, or I could ask what might be the most needed one from them. So implementing one or two, from the most chosen ones gives the developers more efficient time to develop, and productive outcome for us.

spw ( 2014-02-10 22:16:30 +0300 )edit

So, in my small answer, in my opinion it's not a closed status, just yet.

spw ( 2014-02-10 22:17:01 +0300 )edit