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Navigon Select?

asked 2014-02-07 02:19:45 +0300

rafaelino gravatar image


German Telekom customers get a simple Navigon turn-by-turn navigation for free - Navigon Select. Has anyone ever tried getting that to run, or is there a problem per se getting Android-based Navigon to run?

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answered 2014-06-02 17:56:04 +0300

arminfelder gravatar image

It works very well on my Jolla, after hours of debugging, here is the solution:

Navigon, has problems with the case sensitive filesystems, or to be percise: it sometime stores files into Navigon and sometimes into NAVIGON. I solved it by doing a "mount --bind Navigon NAVIGON".

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@arminfelder: Do you know whether TTS (text-to-speech) works in Navigon? Does the app speak out the names of the streets?

Is there any legal way to get Navigon for the Jolla if you have another operator, not Telekom? I don't mind paying money for it, but I need TTS.

StaticNoiseLog ( 2014-06-03 00:26:54 +0300 )edit

TTS works, everything works exact the same way as it does on my android device. you could buy Navigon Europe(50€) or download the regular Navigon Select(not the Telekom edition) for free and use the in app purchase to add maps,livetraffic..., the only problem is that the playstore will tell you that your device is not compatible(even if you pretend to have an Galaxy S3, by modifying build.prop), so you might need a different device to download just the apk.

I just took the apk from my old phone

arminfelder ( 2014-06-03 02:08:45 +0300 )edit

Thank you for the testing and confirmation. But making Jolla look like Galaxy S3 is giving the wrong signal to the developpers of nice android software. I suggest we write them to explain the situation and demand a native version for Sailfish. I have done so for Sygic (the had a Maemo version)

vandersmash ( 2014-06-04 11:41:55 +0300 )edit

With Äijänpäivänjärvi it now works perfectly without any tricks on my Jolla

arminfelder ( 2015-05-07 19:08:12 +0300 )edit
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