Add accounts status to be choosen by network

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Later to be included in ambience this could be a useful feature. (I know this correlates in some way with the request to tell apps which connection they may use)

How it works:

Add to each account setting the option to set status by network. Not only by type but by SSID (call it WLAN set up in settings if need be)


When I am connected to my companies WLAN I want to have my companies SIP account online, my XMPP occupied, my workEMail listen to IMAPpush but my private SIP offline and so on.

And the other way round, when at home I want my private SIP account to come online but leave the companies offline, have my private mail listen to push but work checking every hour.

I did not make up my mind on a layout for a settings-page yet so input is welcome!

This would highly improve power consumption (only services hogging you really want to do) as well as it would add up to neat features for ambiences

This could be answered easily the other way round when profilematic changes the status of your accounts dependant on your location and connected networks

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I'd love to see this feature! I find this is one of the coolest things proposed and love it on my N9 with Profilematic app. But I understand they have to do do SIP integration first :-(

zappAtom ( 2014-11-27 18:05:20 +0300 )edit