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bug: UI freezes while notification for data network appears [answered]

asked 2013-12-26 14:23:33 +0300

Zandi gravatar image

updated 2014-02-12 23:56:55 +0300

Every time the notification bar at the top of the screen is displayed, which says that the data connection (wifi/3g) is interrupted (connection problem), the phone does not respond on any input.

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It seems that this is fixed by the update to

Zandi ( 2013-12-28 15:57:04 +0300 )edit

For me that has not been fixed with

message "connection problems" occurs and sometimes the UI gets unassertive or freezes completely. The only thing working then is the on/off button. Hitting that once afterwards doesn't wake the device completely, the backlight goes on but screen stays black. In that situation I must turn off the device and start again.

hardcodes.de ( 2014-01-08 22:52:03 +0300 )edit

you are right. I thought this was fixed. but it isn't. In my opinion the behaviour is better after the update, but it still hangs a bit.

Zandi ( 2014-01-10 15:00:27 +0300 )edit

It is not fixed.

Neo ( 2014-01-22 00:10:08 +0300 )edit

no, it is not. i tought it was for a short time but that was wrong.

Zandi ( 2014-01-22 00:47:06 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-02-10 18:29:35 +0300

zlatko gravatar image

This looks like a duplicate of https://together.jolla.com/question/9634/bug-ui-hangs-on-connection-loss/ It has been closed as known issue that has to be solved by Jolla team.

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Thank you for that hint. what do you mean, should we close it although the problem is not fixed yet?

Zandi ( 2014-02-10 21:22:01 +0300 )edit

@Zandi I would suggest closing this question as the issue is already worked on and therefore does not need to be voted anymore.

strnous ( 2014-02-10 23:33:27 +0300 )edit

i will do so

Zandi ( 2014-02-10 23:45:01 +0300 )edit

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