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WLAN Priority/Connection order

asked 2014-02-10 16:19:08 +0300

cocovina gravatar image

updated 2014-02-13 00:02:39 +0300

Is there some way how-to prioritize WLANs? If I can reach multiple saved WLANs , I would like to be able to determine which automatically connect. As known from Belle for ex. (wifi1, wifi x, mobile data).

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wpa_supplicant.conf seems to get overwritten and connman doesn't seem to have such an option. Are we out of luck here? I would like to see such an option too: at home there's a private accesspoint and ISP accesspoint with enterprise WPA with also access anywhere there are customers. At home the best reception is with the private accesspoint and connman sometimes goes crazy over both accesspoints: alternating connecting.

richhanz ( 2014-02-10 22:22:44 +0300 )edit

I would like this feature too. At home I have my own network and guest network openwireless.org and my phone seems to always go to the openwireless.org which has no encryption or anything and I cannot SSH into it from laptop, because laptop is in the private network.

Mikaela ( 2015-01-20 16:26:45 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-02-11 12:00:13 +0300

llornkcor gravatar image

There is a way to do with using connman through it's dbus interface.

It has also been thought of as something that would be nice to have within Jolla network settings.

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answered 2014-02-12 21:56:10 +0300

richhanz gravatar image

This script forces a connection with your favorite WiFi


systemctl --user stop connectionagent.service

connmanctl disable wifi

connmanctl enable wifi

sleep 20
# refresh
connmanctl scan wifi

connmanctl connect <your favorite WiFi>

systemctl --user start connectionagent.service

The 3rd column from the command connmanctl services is the string to replace <your favorite WiFi>.

With many thanks to Pyro Devils answer

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