Sailfish for Android (Sony) phones [released]

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Really hoping to hear something positive on this front, after hearing the Samsung news yesterday.

As an N9 owner (who's already tinkering with the slightly buggy build for said phone), I really want to switch to Sailfish / Jolla. However, the reality of my lifestyle and job dictates that I NEED a waterproof phone now. So within the next few weeks I'll be getting either a Z1 Compact or Z2 (if it's announced at MWC and immediately available). I'd love to get the Jolla handset, but I simply wouldn't be able to use it.

For this and several other reasons, the Sony flagship handsets are unique in Western markets, and in the Z1 Compact's case selling like hotcakes worldwide.

I just REALLY, REALLY hope that I won't be stuck using Android. I love the UI of Meego and Sailfish, and absolutely hate Android. Any hope of Ubuntu Touch being available in a useable state in the near future seems to have long since been dashed, so Sailfish is my last hope!

Not so much a question as a plea :)

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Thanks. Done!

midnightoil ( 2014-02-13 13:55:40 +0300 )edit