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List about linked contacts in People settings

asked 2014-02-13 17:53:14 +0300

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updated 2014-07-25 16:03:10 +0300

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Hi all,

Whenever contacts are synced to Jolla from Google account (I will use Google account as example, but it is true for any account set up in Jolla), Jolla can link together:

  • 2 or more contacts which were existing in Jolla and synced from Google
  • 2 or more contacts which were synced from Google

Decision about link those contacts is made by a linkage heuristic routine. Basically this is good functionality, but there is an issue. Those links are created silently by Jolla. It means when Jolla links two contacts "Matt Smith" and "Matthew Smith" together then there is no notification about it. Surprise come when user can't find "Matt Smith".

Of course if you know to whom "Matt Smith" is linked then you can find "Matt Smith". Just go to People, open "Matthew Smith"s contact card and select Link from pulley menu. Here it is. There is possibility to unlink or even link with other contacts too. So it's fully modifiable.

The only issue is: You have to know to whom your contact has been linked. If you can't figure out then your contact is "lost".

I propose a solution to make easier finding the links between contacts. A new option should be added to Settings/Apps/People/PulleyMenu/ Links . Under this Links options all the contacts which are linked together should be listed (and maybe later modification functionality can be added to ... support incremental sw development :-) )

As the functionality itself is available under People/<any contact="">/PulleyMenu/Links, it only needs to be ported to Settings/Apps/People/PulleyMenu/Links and modify to select all the linked contacts to show.</any>

Proposal for format:

Matthew Smith (People) ### this is the aggregated contact what is visible in People or Phone apps

Matt Smith (telepathy)

Matthew Smith (local)

Smithers (local)

Max Power (People)

Max Power (google)

John Smith (People)

Johnny (google)

JohnS (telephaty)

Smith John (sim)

Regards, Janos

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answered 2014-08-26 19:21:04 +0300

peinu gravatar image

updated 2014-08-26 21:37:27 +0300

Just like in the TV Shop,

"Wait there is more!"

Even if you unlink the connections, Jolla will go thru the "heuristic routine" and decide to link again....and again...and again... I've even renamed the other person to stop from messing up my contacts. Jolla can dig up the real name from facebook name and do the linking again. I can even find receiving a phone call from myself when my wife is calling me.

EDIT: OK; maybe I should make a separate issue of the dumb syncing below. I also realized that this could have happened already in the past, and there could be a fix. Need to check this first: [ Furthermore Jolla makes duplicates of contacts, I seems to circulate them through my three different gmail accounts... to prove my point, here is a screen shot from my Jolla. I have saved a contact named "auto" where I can enter the location of my car at airport parking, for example. (Yes, of course, at this point I need to reboot my Jolla to make USB-connection with my laptop).

Here you can see the duplicates. Let me count them for you. 38 duplicates.

And another thing, same thing but different. I have a contact named "Joni Kaivuri" with one telephone number, nothing else. I have not called him with this phone, ever. "Joni Kaivuri" shows up only once in the contacts list in "people", but Jolla has fabricated and linked several identical numbers to this contact. One of the contacts is regular telepone contact, but the others say "google". They seem to be synced to my google contact and back again to Jolla. With thousands of duplicates in my contacts, no wonder it takes minutes to show the contact list, or to even get to search-function.


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