[Feature Req] Share Location with Timer

asked 2014-02-13 23:17:11 +0300

updated 2014-02-15 21:55:46 +0300

There are several ideas talking about sharing locations, and even sharing location details/status via instant messaging, however, after being shown something neat that's now utilized in BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), I think a well-refined version of this functionality should be added to SailfishOS - when a person has turned on location-sharing services, and has an idea of how they want to share that location.

The feature is simply to be able to share one's location, but to attach to that how long one allows that location to be shared. The feature would work simply like this:

  • you've enabled location sharing in your Settings
  • you've enabled the set location timer setting in that location sharing setting from the multi-task or lock screen view, you activate the pulley menu option share location
  • you are then given a prompt to share your current location and checkbox to add status message (with possible additional checkbox to pull latest status from latest updated social media profile used)
  • next prompt asks how many minutes you want to share that location
  • next prompt asks who to share it with (individuals, groups, or location-based social media services)

Such a feature could then be automated with apps like Profilematic/Situations to kick off a message with a pre-written status, and pre-set number of minutes, and then be put out via SMS (MMS if you want to show a picture of the map or picture of something in the area that's location-tagged).

It could work, and as a complete workflow, its something that fits the entire way we go about sharing where we are. What are your thoughts? And do see the BBM implementation of this, its not as far in scope as I've thought about it.

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see also aprs.org and aprs.fi

jsiren ( 2014-02-14 00:20:09 +0300 )edit

Stripping skunkworks tag, this seems quite feasible with what's available today..

Stskeeps ( 2014-02-15 21:55:37 +0300 )edit