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Auto remember/save keyboard language per contact

asked 2013-12-26 18:23:25 +0300

enki gravatar image

updated 2018-05-03 13:31:51 +0300

cemoi71 gravatar image

I have never seen any smartphone that remembers last keyboard language used during a conversation.

I often write to contacts who speaks different languages. So when I'm having discussions with an italian contact and a french contact at the same time, i have to switch between discussions but I also always have to change the keyboard language!

It would be amazing if sailfish would save last keyboard language for every discussion (in sms, in email, then maybe on other apps like whatsapp or facebook and maybe one day swype ;))

I dont think it would be so difficult to realize it....hope other users find this functionality useful!!

Even more needed!!!

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There should be a generic framework to save settings per contact. Besides language, another this I change per person I communicate is the e-mail From-address. To my work contacts I send e-mail always using the work e-mail and to friends using my private e-mail.

otto ( 2013-12-26 23:14:55 +0300 )edit

in fact, it could also remember last email used! good idea. I dont think any other smartphone brands have those featuree!

Anyway switching between languages on every conversation it's really very very boring :)

enki ( 2013-12-27 02:48:14 +0300 )edit

Just get same idea myself! very useful!

Bysmyyr ( 2014-01-23 22:31:50 +0300 )edit

Okay, so it isn't just I who gets mildly annoyed by switching. :) It would be a smooth little touch if this feature was implemented. Also it would be nice if our email address(es) were added to the prediction dictionaries as a whole rather than each word separately.

fasza2mobile ( 2014-03-23 00:15:52 +0300 )edit

Yes, this would be fantastic. I regularly type in three different languages, and would love it if the phone remembered the settings on at least a per-contact basis. It should also be rather simple to implement, I would assume.

nforss ( 2014-11-17 19:38:09 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-08-14 11:21:48 +0300

cemoi71 gravatar image

I will be really useful for me too maybe we could use a vcard item (like "language" or "contact-language"...) for it too if we need to backup it and retrieve after a complete phone reinit. And why not directly program it after a contact import carefully prepared with item for this function...

i will definitive appreciate it. have currently three types of contact english, french and germans. With them i' really active on writing. every day write to a well-known contact, I change the keyboard or forget it and use the wrong one. I ask me why doesn't do it by itself? even more i do it, even more situation appears to be odd.

please jolla friends!.... That will be really great! you will propose something that no other give currently ;-)

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I'm voting for memory per conversation and not contact. Once you delete conversation memory of your chosen language is lost. I feel ok with that. Memory per contact is not the best idea, because same contact may take part in multiple conversations, or on different communication channels e.g. Google talk or SMS. I would prefer memory per conversation understood as exact combination of contacts taking part and communication channel.

koolas ( 2016-02-10 12:23:17 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-10-11 13:20:57 +0300

cemoi71 gravatar image

I miss something in the above thread.
I don't think it is that quite so easy to do as described above, for having the great experience expected ...

Then shortly said, that could work if there is a kind of self learning function by storing the last keyboard-id with the contact for the app / each app.

Not just store the last Keyboard-ID for each app.
We miss for each app, the last used keyboard-ID should be stored with the contact-ID.
Done with a db? or a kind of contact-cookie which have all the keyboard-ID (and other IDs) of each used app (don't know how to create and manage it)

And at the beginning, (by developing there is always a initialisation value in parameter),
The app could feed the value with what it could found for a language field stored in the contact...

I found that this thread tell more on how complicated is the challenge. But without having fix a good robust solution. https://together.jolla.com/question/105910/idea-for-contacts/

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